I was hit by a car

while walking home from downtown Friday night. The sidewalks were covered in snow from the plows, so I had to walk on the road. I don’t remember seeing headlights or hearing a car up until the split second before it happened. I glanced over my left shoulder, saw headlights, and started running left. I was clipped by the SUV’s front bumper about mid thigh. (Contrary to my user name, I’m a pretty big dude, about 6’, 225#. The Pygmies were my college team’s mascot, because as an engineering school, we were usually smaller than our opponents) I was thrown in the air, may or may not have bounced off the hood, hit the ground, and rolled to a stop. Luckily, I wrestled in high school, and have played rugby since I graduated, so I wasn’t injured when I hit the ground.

After tumbling to a stop, I had lost a shoe and my cell phone, and couldn’t immediately get up. A couple stopped to help, although I’m not sure if they’re the ones that hit me or not. Hopefully I’ll find out when the police report becomes available (perhaps tomorrow).

The doctor told me to schedule an MRI after the swelling goes down, and nothing is broken. My knee feels a litttle wobbly, though, and I’m using a single crutch.

After I got up, the couple tried to convince me to stay put. I didn’t want to, because I wanted to get home. They told me you can’t call 911 and leave. I told them I didn’t call. When the cops showed up and “found” me about 200 meters down the road, they asked if I’d been drinking. I didn’t lie, and told them I’d had about 10 drinks. They asked for my ID, but I refused to give it to them. I’ve been “detained” before, simply because the cops wouldn’t give me my ID back. I gave them all my information, and then they made me get in the ambulance. There were about 6 people in the ambulance, and about 4 cops outside. I felt like I was part of an entourage, and I just wanted to get home!

Finally, one of the cops gave me a ride. I had to ride in the back, where the seats were “roller coaster” seats. It was pretty shitty, but I made it home ok, and hopefully my knee will heal up soon!

It’s quite a sensation isn’t it? Sounds like you were in a state of shock for a time.

I was hit by car in fourth grade. Similar story: World went sideways, I rolled up the hood, and according to the witness report, the car screeched to a halt, I was thrown about 10 feet through the air, and rolled 10 more feet along the ground.

Fortunately, I had just come from Judo practice (I was even still wearing my gi), where our sensai regularly made us roll the length of an Olympic-sized gym mat without touching our heads to the floor. Granted, it was a hell of a lot FASTER than I was used to, but my Judo instincts probably saved me from a serious head injury, given that I didn’t actually land on it.

In shock, yes, very much so. Although I didn’t realize it at the time (although I guess that’s the deffinition), but I’m starting to put more and more pieces back together.

And you’re right about the head injuries, I’m pretty sure my training saved me from having my head bounce off the concrete and ice, also.

This has happened to me.

By now, your muscle pain has set in.

Try a hot bath, with Epsom Salts.

What do epsom salts do?

Recent thread about epsom salts.
Hope you feel better soon, pygmy.