Tonight I got hit by a truck...

…well, actually, a trailer carrying jetskis.

I was assigned a car to bring down to the Hotel side, but was directed to the Casino pit to park a car because the pit was backed up with cars.

Looking at the slip of paper which tells me what and where the car is, I saw out of the corner of my eye a pick-up truck passing in front of me. As soon as it passed, I took a step forward, and…


I’m spun around and land on my ass, suddenly aware of a sharp pain in my left leg.

I was simultaneously struck in the calf by the wheel fender (which broke off) AND the wheel ran over my foot.

Paramedics, Police, Casino Security, EVERYBODY came out of the woodwork to check out the big dumb galoot who didn’t look where he was going.:smack:

Since I could get up and walk away without screaming, I refused medical attention, simply going to the nurses office.

Needless to say, I had the rest of the night off.

As of now, I can walk around the house with only a slight limp.

Whew! Close one!

A few years ago, Kid, the Elder, chased Kid, the Younger out into the street, just in time to bounce of a passing pick-up. He wasn’t hurt, just a bump in the tummy and a scrape, but the older driver darn near had a heart attack!

I’m really glad yours wasn’t any worse!

Be careful, ya hear?! [Momvoice/]

That happened to Killer exactly one week ago.
Jeez Louise, I freaked out!
But, as it happens, I should have named her Lucky. She got away with nary a scratch, and she’s fine now, after a little limping herself.

I hope your luck is as good.
Best Wishes

Go to the doctor, get checked out and get a lawyer!!!

A lawyer? He stepped out into traffic, from what it sounds like.

Enola, hopefully it’s nothing - but you might want to consider getting it looked at tomorrow.

An diagnosis after an incident like that, is about the only thing you should NOT leave to gut instinct Enola Straight!

I may sound alarmist, but recently a relative had an encounter with a coupe of racists and was roughened up, his head hit the concrete but he also felt there was no need to see a doctor, he went home and died of a brain hemorrhage (The bastards were arrested)

So please check at least if there is only a sprain, why do you think football players get scanned after every injury? It is precisely to remove any doubts about the nature of the damage.

When I was in junior high marching band, I nearly got run over by a Bunny Bread truck while I was out practicing in uniform. Now that I’m an adult I can appreciate the humor in the image, at least. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear you’re okay. Now go find a damn doctor already.

slortar’s last line is about what I was going to say.

Did the guy stop or did anyone get his plate number?

The guy was a fellow valet who I pretty well shook up.

After the accident, I was taken up to the nurses office where a doctor checked me over and said the injury was a simple sprain.

I have been prescribed ibuprofin, ACE bandages, ice packs and rest.

Really, I’m fine, guys.

So are you saying that the OP is only as smart as your dog? :wink: :smiley:

Wow, Enola. I’m glad to hear you’re ok!
[sub]A lawyer? Sheeesh.[/sub]