We Were In A Wreck Tonight

Hubby and I were on our way home from dinner tonight when some asshole came barrelling out of a side street, crossed 3 traffic lanes and if my husband hadn’t taken the car up onto the sidewalk, we’d have been hit head on. The SOB didn’t even stop and went barreling down the road like nothing had happened.

There was a husband and wife coming down the road behind us who saw the whole thing, and they turned around to see if they could catch up to the idiot to get their tags, but when the idiots hit 80 in this residential section, they gave up and came back to see if we were all right. They were able to tell the deputy where the SUV came from and what color it was but that was it. The deputy said that he hadn’t seen anyone come past him, but this neighborhood is full of little side streets that you can travel down to get to the interstate and hardly ever be back on the main drag.

From what we all decided, the idiots in the SUV were either drunk, or on the run from something. Seeing as it’s New Year’s Day and there’s a ton of sports on the TV, the drunk theory is the most likely.

The front right tire has a giant hole in it and the rim is dented where the curb hit and I’m hoping and praying there’s nothing wrong with the car. When I looked over where the curb was, I noticed this seven feet long by several feet deep, rock filled drainage ditch that we’d have fallen into if the curb hadn’t been in the way. Between that, my husband’s kick-ass evasive driving skills and Someone looking out for us, we’re in mostly one piece.

Hopefully the insurace will pay for the tire and I’m also praying that there’s no damage to the car that we can’t see. We hit that curb pretty hard.

Hubby and I are all right—I tensed up when we hit so my left shoulder and knees are screaming and I know he’s going to have nightmares, but that’s better than being in the hospital.

Now I’m going to curl up with the cat and cry awhile.

Sorry to hear that. Glad you’re both okay though. I hope everything goes smoothly with getting your car fixed!

Glad to hear that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Hope you feel better in the morning.

Thanks, and I hope there’s nothing more that needs fixed than the tire.

The Vicodin has kicked in at last, so at least I can get some sleep w/out pain.

Oh geez, that sucks hard. Glad the both of you are okay, though. I just hope the asshole driver didn’t hurt or kill anyone else.

{{BaneSidhe}} Get comfortable and drink a cup of tea! You deserve it.

Thank you. I think we’ll both be all right—the Vicodin has hit me big time and hubby said the Aleve he took for the headache is working its magic.

I has tea, a new Hello Kitty doll and Mythbusters on the telly. Hubby is curled up with the cat and half asleep. We’ll be all right.

Mmmm, Vicodin. They used to give that to me when I had kidney stones. Sleep well!

Man! Too many New Years day sad things happening! Here’s to the insurance paying for it and to no nightmares for hubby.

This is pretty strong stuff and put that with Ambien…mmmm…

Thank you, and I’m passing all the good vibes along to him. I think he’s gone from the post accident shakes to getting pissed as hell, which may just chase the bad dreams away.

You may need all three. Regardless of insurance, you sure were lucky that day. And lucky that nobody was walking there either. Lucky that the person going after the culprit did not hit anything or get his own citation.

I think you are off to a great year.

I’m glad you’re okay OP. A tire is cheap, medical care isn’t.

Sorry to hear it happened, and glad to hear you’re not badly hurt! Too bad they couldn’t get the plates of the SUV - assholes like that need to be taken of the roads. Chances are he’ll keep pulling stupid shit like that and get himself caught sooner or later. Hopefully before he kills someone, though.

Hope the repairs are quick and cheap and you guys recover quick. Accidents are scary even if you’re not badly hurt - go easy on yourself for a while.

I’m really glad to read that you’re both okay. I hope your insurance helps you out too. As others have pointed out, better the car than you!

Glad you are both OK.
I have a suggestion. Take your vehicle to a shop that has the ability to do 4 wheel alignment and have them check the alignment.
Hitting a curb can damage the suspension and throw the alignment way off.
You might find there is spendy damage and it is time to call the insurance company.

Is there any chance that the idiot driver sustained damage to his vehicle? Maybe karma will kick in and he can be caught that way.

I’m glad there wasn’t anyone walking down the sidewalk too. The section of street we were travelling down is in a heavily residential area and there’s people out all hours of the day and night, especially with there being several large apartment complexes, two drugstores, a couple of gas stations and a Kroger’s within walking distance.

Hope this isn’t a sign that this year is going to suck :frowning:

This is true. Neither hubby nor I slept very well last night but we’re all right.

Thank you everyone for your posts! Hubby and I are doing all right, just sore a little. He is going to call our insurance tomorrow morning, and also take the car in to see if it needs anything more than a new tire and rim. I hope not as this is our only vehicle right now.

And yes, I’d love for the asshole that caused our wreck to get into some serious trouble but not have any innocent bystander get hurt. I’m pretty sure the driver was drunk out of his/her mind because of the way they crossed 3 traffic lanes, nearly got us and kept going. It seems that around here being able to drive while you’re out of your skull is some kind of test of how manly you are because I hear so many guys [and no few girls] bragging about how many times they’ve been too drunk to walk but drove home.

Again, thank you all so much!