I was hit by a drunk driver

Completely wild-ass guess - obstruction of justice? Maybe?

As in maybe he ran off with evidence? Drugs or other alcohol?

Like I said, wild guess. :smiley: I’m sure at the very least the cops would have been interested in getting his statement, so he might have run to try to avoid being a witness against the driver. Maybe he did run off with some kind of additional evidence. Of course, the guy might have panicked or had outstanding warrants or some other reason for running.

Depends. If he was pulled over by a cop for driving erratically and hadn’t caused any damage, he’d probably spend the night in jail and have a big ding on his insurance, plus have to pay a fine and attend some classes.

This pond scum caused an accident. I think a judge and prosecutor will love to get their teeth into that one.

It is so good that it didn’t end up worse.

He hasn’t made a claim with his insurance company yet so they say they can’t do anything until he makes a claim?

What happens if he tries to avoid this? I mean he was ticketed and processed at the jail so there’s proof of the accident.

Who’s “they”? The police or your insurance company?

It seems to me you have nothing to fear as far as the police going after him. Of course they will.

Oh yeah, sorry!

I haven’t been able to get a rental car yet and his insurance won’t really talk to us until he calls them to make a claim on the accident.

Halloween is coming up and I have children to run around and I could really use a car to get things done. Not that I even feel like driving anywhere yet.

They haven’t even towed my car from the towing place to the place for the estimate yet.

Ice is my best friend still and I have a bad bruise across my upper thigh that I bumped on the kitchen table and it flippin’ dropped me like a sack of potatoes! Bright hot searing pain! Before that it was just pretty tender but holy wow!

I was able to get my stuff out of the van and it shook me up a bit because it was the first time I got to see the damage. They wouldn’t let me out of the van at the scene to look or gather up my stuff out of the street.

I haven’t gotten pictures yet because the batteries in the camera (once I found it) were dead. And when I got home to upload what pictures were on the SD card they are all messed up. Will he have to pay for my camera too?

On the plus side of this I get to spend more time here with my friends on the Dope and I’ve had more time for Everquest because they’ve been missing me too.

I think I’m getting a cold from being out in the cold and being wet from the concert and it was raining a bit. Those toasty hospital blankets were the bomb though!


What’s stopping you from doing all that on YOUR policy? Situations like this are what subrogation was made for.

Maybe she’s a little shook up and stressed.

But yeah, Kricket, maybe see what your insurance company can do. Or maybe ask the cops if they can do anything to light a fire under his insurance company?

Yes, then your insurance company will go after his insurance company.

Take care of you, and go see a doctor. You need your injuries documented as quickly as possible. Who knows what (hopefully none) lingering problems you may have from being banged about.

Hey! I’ve not only seen ICP but I’ve seen them in a double-bill with GWAR. And I’m way too old to admit that.

Kricket - my sympathies and glad it wasn’t that terrible. I’ve had three accidents in my driving life and two of them have been caused by drunks. Like with landings, any one you survive is a “good” one.

I guess if we go through our insurance we would need the dectuctable which we don’t have right at the moment. $500

I don’t know how that works, since you weren’t at fault. It won’t hurt anything to call your insurance company, explain the situation, and see what they say.

I might be wrong but the deductible should only apply if you were at fault. As the other insurance is ultimately on the hook, it shouldn’t be your expense.

Just got off of the phone with our insurance guy and if I want to get a rental car now I would pay the $500 and my company would take care of it and then add that on to what we would get back from his insurance company.

Otherwise I wait until his insurance company says it’s okay to get a rental. And as of today nobody has been able to get ahold of this kid. No phone number on the police report.

And the whole deal of his insurance company needs to verify that he was a fault before they will proceed and they can’t do that without contact with him.

I don’t get it? How much more proof do they need? He was ticketed for a few things and arrested. I know people don’t like to pay and that’s their job to try to pay as little as possible but I just want a rental for now.

Here’s something cool!

If he doesn’t contact his insurance people they will drop him and then my insurance will have to sue him.

I just got off the phone with his insurance guy and they’ve had no luck reaching him and he’s already in trouble with them because you are supposed to report accidents within 24 hours.

I asked what lengths they will go to contact him and he said aside from the phone calls and a letter they just mailed off that they will go and knock on the door of the address that they have for him so that’s kinda cool.

But holy cow what a headache if this guy doesn’t cooperate!

He’s not in jail, is he? I mean, that’s one reason he might not be answering the phone.

… he might also have just split town.

His being in jail crossed my mind. I hope that’s what it is and not him avoiding the issue.

I learned the hard way that avoidance doesn’t make an issue go away it just makes it worse by the time you are finally forced to deal with it.

A call to the sheriff’s office would probably confirm that quickly…