I was robbed...years ago...apparently

This is correct. I picked up the box with intentions of bringing it outside and discovered it was empty.

Well that’s the problem, he was looking for it in a box on the shelf instead of up in orbit. :smack:


A story I read years ago had a man suspecting his cleaning woman was drinking his whiskey. He put a small pencil mark on the label so he could check if it was true. His cleaning lady left him a note: Please don’t mark the label. I’d hate to water down such fine whiskey.

Thank you for clarifying that! I was wondering how he managed to encompass the entire earth and GPS satellite orbit in a box on his shelf. I’ll step back from the ledge, I was having some crazy existential thoughts.

Quimby when the legions of worshippers show up praying to you, please just shoo them away. Let them know that you’re not the messiah, you’re a very naughty boy.

Something similar happened to me a few weeks ago. I picked up a pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn in months, and a one-ounce Silver Eagle coin fell out. Anymore when I lose things, I shrug and think, “It’s around here somewhere; it’ll show up sometime.”

My stepmother had some jewelry that went missing once. She suspected that someone who had done work at the house (plumber or something, I don’t remember the specifics) had stolen it. A year or two later she found the jewelry. She had hidden it and forgotten about it.

That’s funny.

The problem was we had a home based business and one regular employee was an alcoholic. (Don’t ask. He was good at his job, not so good at life.) So we kind of had a suspect. It was only when we took a break for a month over Christmas, and he want there that we really really got confused by it.

It was funny though that my babysitter remembered and paid me back about 6 years later!

Continuing a theme …

I realized a few weeks ago my stepladder was missing. I vaguely remember being worried one night a couple months ago about having left some stuff outside overnight. But I couldn’t remember if it included that ladder or not and whether I remembered the next morning to bring it in.

I searched all over the house. Anyplace a ladder could be squeezed into. Under, over behind. No room left unchecked. Repeated the search a couple more times.

On Saturday, I was pricing out a new ladder on websites intending to buy a new one on Sunday. Early Sunday I gave it another search before going to get one.

Umm, it was up against my big lawn cart (which was up on it’s front). Most of the cart blocked the view of the ladder and the handles “blended” the rest in.

OTOH, I walked around the whole area. From most angles it’s clearly visible.

I had also been worried that I lost a spring clamp that was on it. So, I’ve got that back now.