I've been robbed!! Kinda.... (long TMP)

A Tuesday Morning Post? Well, Monday was a holiday…

Well, not me exactly, and not completely robbed, let me explain.
About a month or so ago, my neighbor noticed that behind their house (which backs up to a creek on land owned by a private golf course) there was this new pile of sticks and brush. One night, he thought he heard noises from this pile. Upon further exploration, he discovered 3 homeless people hanging out there. This hit a little too close to home for him (along with the fact that they would help themselves to his hose), so he called the country club to inform them that they had uninvited residents. They came the next day and demolished the pile of sticks (it was a pretty sweet homeless shelter, it even had a hanging pot and a bed of hot coals to do some cooking… I was wondering what happened to all those stray cats…). Being a good neighbor, he let us know to make sure all of our stuff was locked up so when they came back to discover thier “house” gone, they wouldn’t take up residence in our detached garage or shed. My wife and I made sure we started locking our cars (we keep them in the driveway).

Fast forward to Saturday. My wife gets in her car to notice that her empty soda cans were moved and the center console thingy was opened and her car smells like someone was smoking in it… There are ashes on the carpet mat too. Someone had been in her car! Good thing she didn’t have anything valuable in her car but her CD’s… Oh shit, they aren’t there! her CD visor was missing. She apparently didn’t lock her car (lesson learned the hard way?). Well, besides being pissed that someone had the balls to get in her car and take her stuff, she feels threaten and violated… The only good news is that the visor only had burned copies of Childrens CD’s… Barney, The Wiggles, shit like that. Now, I would have loved to see the thief’s face when they realized that their bounty wasn’t worth shit, except maybe at a Chuckie Cheese’s party… I walk around the house and back towards the creek to see if I can find said visor/CD’s thinking that the thief would have just ditched them once they realized they weren’t worth anything, but no luck. Chalk it up as experience… We let our neighbor know what had happened and reminded them to keep their cars locked. Our neighbor looks at us funny. He lets us know that the other night he got a call about 3am for work and they needed him ASAP. He got in his truck and started to back up (we have a shared driveway) and he thought he saw my wife in her car… Being 3am, the rationale part of his brain didn’t wonder what the fuck she was doing in her car at 3am, but it looked like a lady with her hair pulled back into a ponytale, so it must be her. He continues on his way. Fuck! He could have had them. So we start to let the other neighbors know about our theft, to help protect them, and what do we find out? Three others have had stuff stolen out of their vehicles, one guy had about $400 of tools stolen out the bed of his truck (why you would keep expensive tools in the open bed of your truck is beyond me, but what ever floats your boat).

This brings us to Sunday morning, the day after the crime was detected. I go out to get the newspaper and what do I see scattered in our front yard? Well, it looks like her visor and the CD’s… No fucking way… I walk closer and see that yes, it is said visor and CD’s… Well, who would have thunk it?.. We decide to call the cops and at least report the entire thing and see if they get some prints or something. The officer arrives and looks at the CD’s, because it had lightly rained, they weren’t able to print them or anything. I inquired if they would have even it didn’t rain (I have been told that they don’t waste their time on petty theft). Come to find out, there has been a rash of car brake in around our part of town the last month or so. The officer said that if it hadn’t rained, they probably would have sent the CSI unit to dust for prints, to help with the cases. Well, that would have been cool. We offered to let them have the can that was moved, but due to some legal issues, the evidence wouldn’t have held up in court due to not being about to account for where that can had been after the crime…

Well, we got all of our daughters CD’s back and the visor. My neighbor is pissed that he could have stopped it and caught the fucker. This brings us to monday morning. My neighbor was out walking his dog at 4 am (you gotta go, you gotta go) and is walking down the road behing us (more of an back alley, it only has 2 houses on it). As he is walking, he hears this loud inhaling sound (things always seem louder early in the morning, don’t they?..) As he walked closer to this house, the guy/kid living there gets out of his car, all out of breath) and looks at my neighbor and says “Can I help you?” “nope…” and my neighbor keeps walking on his way… This guy had a mohawk kinda thing, pulled back into a ponytale. His back yard is scattered with window air conditioner parts… Well, this seems odd. Later that day, my neighbor talks with me about what he saw, and is pretty sure that this guy could have been the person in my wife’s car. He decides to talk to a detective. So the detective comes out, hears what is going on and starts a preliminary case. He has to do some background work, stuff like who the guy living there is, WTF he is doing with all the AC parts (come to find out there has been a rash of window AC unit thefts too, but being so fucking hot this summer, I am not suprised…) He also lets us know that the freon in the AC units is used by druggies to “huff”. They usually catch the refrigerant in plastic bags and huff it from there. We will find out more the end of this week. It might be nothing, but it could be something. Either way, my wife and I have started to look moving to a new house (something we had been talking about anyway)… Until then, we both keep our cars locked with nothing valuable inside, even if it just is a Barney CD.

Not fun is it?

TheMMP never takes a holiday. :smiley:

Well maybe it should… It works hard too, you know… :smiley:

The world is full of scum. :mad:

I’m glad you got your stuff back.