I pit the scums who broke into my friend's car.

$850 in damage to steal an $85 car stereo and some garden tools. She was up in Salinas harvesting her crops. Now she has to make the trip from SoCal to the Bay Area with no radio, and has damage to her door and her dash. Scum.

I live in a small town. Every day some stealing gets on the front page. Used to we could just leave our doors unlocked. Now, we might as well, since people will destroy our cars otherwise.

Jerks indeed. They always do hundreds of dollars of damage and rarely get anything nearly worthwhile. But that’s OK, THEY don’t have to pay for the damage!

Typo Knig’s car was broken into outside his office back in 2001 - they stole a portable CD player and a bunch of CDs. Yeah, dumb of him to leave them visible, but still. The CDs might have been sold for 50 cents each - no cases or anything. The player was not especially valuable. However, to replace them, the property claim was roughly 500 bucks in addition to the car repairs which were 600+.

And the real kicker (and a big part of why we raised our homeowners’ deductible) - over a year later, that claim nearly cost us our insurance, when we went to move to a new house. See, we’d also had a “chimney blew down in major windstorm” claim… and the two claims in a 5 year period made us lepers to the insurance industry.

Gardening tools though - why on earth would anyone steal them??? Thieves are DUMB.

If your friend would like a laugh, tell her of the friend of mine whose car was broken into while they were travelling. Her husband was a marketing guy for a clothing manufacturer and had a sample case in the car.

The thieves made away with a suitcase - full of maternity jogging suits. Not quite what they hoped for!!

Someone once stole the gas cap off my car. :smack: It had a plastic tether on it to keep you from forgetting it at a gas station, so I knew that hadn’t happened, and the thief had to break/cut it off the car to get it. It happened not too long before the car’s emission testing was due, so I went to an auto parts store, got a new one for a pretty small amount of money, then went in for testing. (The tester asked if I’d failed a previous test because he saw the cap was new - apparently some have issues with the gas cap that cause the car to fail, and they have to replace it and repeat.)

I have friends who live in a kind of “borderline” area - nice houses at one end of the block and extending in one direction, more run-down and poor houses the other way. Their house was broken into one day while they were away at work - the thief just opened the outer front (storm) door and broke out the big window on the inner door to reach in and gain entry. Took a mess of DVDs, some power tools, a laptop, and left in a hurry. The catch was - they didn’t watch those DVDs any longer (barring a few), the laptop was an old hunk of junk that didn’t keep a charge in the battery and the cord was left behind, and the power tools were old and cordless and the chargers/battery packs had been left behind. Meanwhile, the thief left behind an impressive desktop computer that my friend used for work and may have had data from A Major Financial/Investment Institution on it, the various components of their stereo system, and upstairs my friend had a good sized stack of cash just lying on his desk that he used for when he needed airplane fuel (he was working on his pilot’s licensing). I’m sure it cost my friends more to replace the window and add their security reinforcements than the thief got from pawning the junk that was swiped.

A year or two ago a little old lady made the newspapers here because she was walking her dog and a thief ran up and snatched her bag out of her hand. He high-tailed it down the street, making good speed on his getaway.

Apparently he only got about a block away before he realized he’d stolen a bag of dog shit.


Reminds me of the day, in New York City, where I was en route to visit a gastroenterologist. Food poisoning… and I had to, well, do some homework and bring it in to be graded.

I was never mugged during my time in the city, but all the way up to the doc’s office, all I could think of was “please Lord, I don’t want to ever get mugged, but if it’s GOING to happen some time, today would be the PERFECT day for it!”. I’m sure people passing me thought I was one of the mentally ill denizens, the way I was snickering to myself.

I had almost the same thing happen to me as in the OP - thieves broke the passenger lock on my car, pulled out my dashboard, and stole my $50 NoName stereo. I didn’t bother going to the police because I’d never see that stupid stereo again, but I learned later that the store I bought it from had a theft replacement policy - bring in a police report and your receipt, and they would replace the stereo. Well, that’s good to know NOW. How about when you’re selling me a stereo? That seems like it would have been a good time to tell me.

In my 19 years in Calgary, I’ve had my car broken into about five times, my apartment broken into twice, three hit-and-runs on the street, car window smashed out once, and some asshole just puking on the trunk of my car (and smashing a beer bottle on it).

ETA: I have a garage now. I never want to take my car out of it.

Some piece of trash stole the four wreaths from the entrance to my neighborhood. I’m pretty sure the property developer isn’t planning to replace them. :mad:

That’s weird. I was looking for a copy of the local story (can’t find it so far using “poo” as a search term), but a apparently a similar mugging occurred in San Diego back in 2005.

The only time I forgot to lock my car, someone got into it. This was only a month or two ago. I had rushed home and flew inside and blanked on locking the doors. Go to my car the next day and see the door is slightly ajar. My heart sank. I don’t leave anything worth stealing in my car, I only have a couple burned CDs, zero change, original crappy CD player, no GPS. The thieves didn’t think to pop the trunk but even then there’s only some crappy sneakers, a crappy cheap jacket, and a bag chair in there. But I guess they were annoyed there wasn’t anything to take so they dumped my ashtray out everywhere. That was annoying to clean but it didn’t ruin anything.

The thing that worried me was that I never leave my doors unlocked and the one time I did, someone got in my car. Makes me think that people are very often wandering around my neighborhood trying out car doors. My neighborhood is small and only has one entrance/exit. There’s no reason to come here or drive by unless you live here or you know someone. It’s a decent neighborhood but there are nicer ones closer if you’re looking to rob people and since it’s small and only one way in and out, traffic is extremely light. All the neighbors I used to know moved away mostly, don’t know who lives here anymore. So now I have to wonder if my neighbors are criminals or punks/hang out with criminals and punks. Kinda sucks.

I can get behind this pitting. My car has been broken into a few times and my house was robbed the Sat. after Thanksgiving. Fortunately I had an observant neighbor who got home right when the bruglary was going down. They called the police who arrived just after the culprits had left with my stuff. The police found them trying to hide in a nearby park and recovered all my stuff. :slight_smile: Other than replacing a screen and having to clean up a lot of fingerprinting dust I am pretty much where I was before the burglary. I am changing some of the lighting and am thinking about some kind of burglar alarm though.

Charges are pending and I will, of course, make sure I do whatever I need to do so the DA can prosecute them.

When my husband & I are home, the cars are parked behind the house, and we have a large light on from 12-5am so that its lit and less attractive. We were not in the habit of locking our vehicle doors when we got home cause its Des Moines, Iowa man, and our neighborhood is low crime even compared to the rest of Des Moines. In the middle of the night, someone opened up both our vehicles, adjusted the driver’s seats (I can see mine, cause I am short, but hubby is 6’4"!) stole my air freshener (which I hadn’t even opened yet - and it was a Yankee candle fragrance, the bastard!) and the sticky change out of my ashtray. They skipped the Cd’s, the cd player, and the Sony Walkman. Same thing in my husband’s vehicle: they took a couple of tokens for a local carwash, and the change he had laying about. Left the box of CD’s and didn’t take any of the power tools.

We obviously now lock our doors. We don’t want our random bits of change stolen again!

My brother once had a thief break into his car and drill out the ignition – only to discover that the battery was dead. We push-started it that day, and he ran it with a screwdriver in place of an igition key for a few weeks before he finally got it fixed.

Maybe it’s your name…

This is why, even as a kid, I always thought it was really stupid that in the movies someone would open an unlocked car door and then flip down the sun visor to find keys “hidden” there, like it was something everybody did and the person in the movies (usually a good guy who had to escape the bad guys) totally expected keys to be there.

It’s one thing for people to leave their car doors unlocked, but deliberately leavings keys in the vehicle? Really?

This, a thousand times this. I never lock my car doors. I also never leave anything of value in there. It actually is really convenient - I never fumble for my keys unlocking my door on a cold day or have to worry about frozen locks. My passengers appreciate it too.

I see we are both living up to our usernames. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had my car broken into once while I was at work. I worked 3rd shift at the time and the burglar apparently had one of those long knife-like things that cops used to get into locked cars. Even though I had an aftermarket CD player in the car that was only held in by the wires (he could have just pulled out the CD player and unplugged it in like 10 seconds or less), the only thing stolen was a pack of cigarettes.:dubious:

It’s probably the neighborhood kids, hanging out and looking for stuff to do. Usually, they don’t set out to break into a car, but they’ll be wandering around, checking every door to both cars and houses. If it’s not the kids, it’s the unemployed cousin who’s couchsurfing, and instead of looking for work, s/he’ll just hang out in the neighborhood, seeing if anyone has forgotten to secure their valuables. Hey, it’s easier than working, and anyone who isn’t couchsurfing can afford to help support them, right?

Actually, people used to leave their cars unlocked…and LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION! This was back when everyone knew who owned which car, though. I remember back in the 60s when there was a big campaign to get people to take their keys and lock their cars.

The day my car is broken into, someone starts a pit thread on this exact topic. Lucky me! Or not…

Some jerk smashed my window to get my GPS last night. I had taken it off the mounting bracket on the windscreen and put it in the glove box. Like everyone else, it annoys me that the costd of damage outweighed the reward to the thief.

On a funny note, I also noticed that an Outkast CD was missing. I was sure to do my best Big Lebowski impersonation when reporting this detail to the police! The Creedence man…