Have you had your purse/bag stolen?

Today I was dropping off a box of books from work to a thrift store nearby. I parked in front of the door, got the box, went inside and placed it on the floor by the counter, got back to my car and my purse was gone. Yes, yes, I’m stupid for not locking the door. I’ve been beating myself up about it all day. But it happened in about a minute! I believe the women who was coming out and held the door open for me is the one who took it. She could have had the car door open and grabbed the purse before I put the box down.

I had my house locks re-keyed since the spares were in my purse. I only carry two cards (one credit, one debit) and called about them before I even called the police. I researched what to do about driver’s license, registration, my insurance cards, etc. Stopped service on my cellphone. I’m a little worried about my car but if I remember correctly, when I had the spare key made, it will only open the door, not start the car. Which is kind of pointless so maybe not. But I really hate to have to re-key that. I was just more concerned today about the house.

There were no charges to either card by the time I called so maybe my thief was new to this. She got maybe $15 and a cheap pay-as-you-go cellphone. And my personal stuff. It was a large shoulder bag that I’ve carried for years. Hell, my lunch was in it. And I know it’s just stuff but it makes me feel sick that someone has all of it. I’d had my really perfect wallet for 15 years.

I just feel terrible. Mad at myself because I always, always lock the car until today when I didn’t. Mad at whoever doesn’t give a shit that they hurt someone else.

So has this happened to you? Please share if you have a commiserating story or any advice.

Ugh, I’m so sorry this happened to you. It sounds like such a huge inconvenience. You seem to be blaming yourself, which is at best, unnecessary. This isn’t your fault. It’s the fault of whomever took your purse.

I don’t have a story to share, but I offer my sympathy.

About 20 years ago, I was over at some friends’ house for a card game. One of the attendees stole my purse - I know exactly who did it. I wouldn’t have been nearly as mad if she’d just taken the cash in it. There was nothing else of value to her: no keys, no checkbook or credit card (this was before the days of debit.) Just some cash, my lipstick and an ink pen or something, and my drivers’ license.

I am still pissed off about it. That purse was the greatest little Jackie Kennedy baby pink vintage bag in the history of all handbags. I have literally never seen another like it, in spite of 20 years of searching.

Theresa? If you’re reading this? I want my damned purse back.

Thanks and, yeah, I know it’s not really my fault. But I was careless. At the moment an asshole was passing by. Lesson learned.

Ouch - that sucks. Sorry she did that to you. My wallet was also vintage - a book-sized, zippered, organizer type. Really beautiful and efficient. I’ve already started searching ebay in hopes of finding another one.

Yes, happened to me - here’s my rant. I’m really sorry this has happened to you - not only a huge inconvenience but also costly in time and money. I know you feel angry at yourself, but it is all on the person who took your stuff.

No, but my wife did, a wallet from her belly-pack, which luckily contained little of value except some small change and a few nonessential ID documents. That was in Shillong, India, and filing a police report in India is a wonderful introduction to Indian bureaucracy.

That was an awesome rant and I’m so glad you got your personal stuff back. I’ve been hoping that maybe my thief would have an attack of conscience and drive by and throw my stuff in the yard or something but no such luck. She was good at stealing but apparently not at maximizing her investment. She never tried to use the debit or credit cards or (so far) tried to cash a check from my sister that was in there. She did get several Starbucks gift cards besides the money so maybe that was enough for her.

Fortunately, it’s a lot easier to replace ID stuff now than when you went through it. I did most of it online or on the phone. There are only two things I have to do in person. One requires a notarized request and I was headed to the bank the other day to get that when I realized I had no way to prove who I am. I’m still waiting on my driver’s license. I ordered that online because if you go in person, you have to have a birth certificate and I don’t have one. That seems backwards to me. They believe I’m me online but wouldn’t if I was there in person, with my photo right in front of them?

I’m carrying just a couple things in my purse now. And it’s so light that I’ve had to put a book in there just so there’s some weight to it. :slight_smile: I’m feeling better, letting go of the anger. But it still creeps me out that someone has my stuff.

This happened to me too a few years ago and it was entirely due to my own carelessness. It was before I had a computer at home and I was in an internet cafe, put my bag down on the floor by my feet, and of course I was concentrating so hard on the screen I never realised my bag had gone till I had finished my session.

Like you everything was gone … purse, credit cards, house keys, driving license, security pass for my workplace, season ticket for the London Underground, a whole bunch of other passes like library cards and so on.

The internet cafe manager was fantastic, took me into his office and instantly produced a list of phone numbers for all the credit card companies and banks. He said it happened so often he was prepared for it. He let me phone from his office and then, bless him, lent me £10 so I could go straight home and get my house locks changed (fortunately my neighbour had a key).

But I think the worst was the stuff I couldn’t replace, like a Parker pen my now deceased brother had given me for my 21st birthday.