To the ass-maggot that stole my wife's purse....

Fuck you. Fuck you, you disease-ridden, cowardly, car-raiding pig-fucker. You stole a purse from a car that was parked outside a fucking pre-school. I can’t prove it but I think you were one of the other parents. Great example to your children there, scumbag.

Well, the cards are cancelled, the checking account closes tomorrow, the cell phone is cancelled and there wasn’t any cash. I suppose you could probably fill up on gas with the cash card. Knock yourself out.

What really pisses me off is that we just had to go through this same bullshit last month when a checkbook was stolen. We have to go back to our bank tomorrow and explain that we just got ripped off again when we just got done transferring everything over to a new account.

You also got my wife’s driver’s license and social security card. Now we have to worry about possible identity theft and we don’t have a clue how to go about protecting ourselves from that.

Do you feel good about yourself, shitbag? Do you think you really scored something? All you did was fuck with the lives of three innocent people who never did anything to you, who aren’t rich, who aren’t even really middle class, and who already have all the emotional and financial stress they can handle.

Fuck you, you fucking gutless, thieving sociopath. It’s too much to hope that you’ll actually get caught. It’s times like this that I’m sorry I don’t believe in God or in karma.

(to anyone who does believe in God…please pray for this asshole to get caught. Thank you).
Fuck!!! :mad:
It SUCKS to be a crime victim!

Perhaps if you and your wife would take the time to secure your valuables, these things wouldn’t be happening.

Why did she leave her purse in the car? Couldn’t she have at least shoved it under the seat?

If someone were to steal something from me due to my own neglegence I would be more mad at myself than the thief. Especialy if it were not the first time.

Seems to me Karma did its job here.

Blame the victim, huh?

We were just running in to pick up our daughter from pre-school. We were inside for like five minutes. We didn’t think it was a big deal because it was all just other parents picking up their kids.

I left the car unlocked to make it easier to get the kid into the carseat in back but I didn’t know my wife had left her purse in the car. She didn’t know I had left the car unlocked. It wasn’t like we put that much thought into it.

Not that any of that makes it alright for someone to steal from us.

And fuck you for the “karma” remark. My wife is one of the best, most caring and decent human beings I’ve ever known. If karma exists, she has nothing but the good kind.

That’s not even remotely cool, Mac, nobody expects to be victimized, and after it’s done there’s no point in recriminations.

You say “Man, that really sucks. Sorry, but you really should be more careful next time”, not “Seems Karma did its job here”. Did his wife want to have her purse stolen? Does she steal purses from people’s cars? No? Then Karma has nothing to do with it.

Have a little compassion, man.

Dio, that sucks. I got ripped when I was at orientation for my one year in college. All summer long I couldn’t convince people that I was who I said I was, so I couldn’t get the license replaced. I couldn’t get any money from the bank for weeks. It was a bitch. So I know what you’re dealing with. And it absolutely sucks.

She did shove it under the seat, btw.

Hey Mac,

Should it be legal to steal from an unlocked car? If not why not?

Ya know what, you are right. I am sorry for the whole Blame the victim thing. I am sorry for the karma thing as well.

It’s quite a stretch to go from, “You should have locked your doors”, to “Let’s make stealing from unlocked cars legal!”

The world is full of theves. Choc full. You claim in your user name to be a cynic. You should realize that.

How many times have I heard, “We were only gone for a minute! We didn’t think anyone would rob us.”

I don’t live all that far from you, Dio. In fact my car’s transmission ate itself in Roseville last year. I locked it when I went to the phone booth to call for help, because I had things in the car I wanted to keep.

In Utopia, we can leave our posessions unguarded and expect them to remain.

This ain’t Utopia.

Thanks, Airman. I appreciate the sympathy and support. It means a lot to me coming from a guy who generally disagrees with around here.
Of course, we’ve already kicked and berated ourselves six ways from sunday for leaving the purse in the car. We’re aware of our own stupidity. All we can do now is learn from it.

That sucks. Here the websites for the three credit bureaus–they all have info on identity theft and fraud and what you can do now that some dirtbag has all your info:

Equifax homepage

Experian homepage

Transunion fraud page

Thank you, KSO. Those links are really helpful. I appreciate it.

I really sympathize with you and your wife’s loss. When you think you can trust those around you, it’s terrible to recognize that it’s often just not the case.

I posted here right after my purse was stolen out of my office. Once it happened, I realized that I passed the thief in the hallway. It happened about 10 days before Christmas (and procrastinator that I am hadn’t done all that I should have) and suddenly I had no I.D., no checkbook, no credit cards, no passport, etc.

About a month later, my wallet was found under the ice machine on the third floor of the Days Inn four blocks from work. Nothing gone except the cash (my Christmas bonus); however, at that point everything had been cancelled and I had a new and even more glamourous driver’s license.

Fast forward two months. The guy returns to our office building and I call the cops with a description. It turns out that it was the son of one of our clients.

I just kept referring to my robber as “the philanthropist” who was too busy teaching scouts to tie knots or reading to people in the hospital or mowing his neighbor’s lawn. He needed the money more than I did, damnit. It just pulled the edge off the bitterness to make stupid jokes.

The whole event was largely a pain in the ass to get everything cancelled or restarted. The harder part was not (is not) generalizing about the person who did it.

There’s really no great place to store my Volkswagen sized purse so I still come into my office and sometimes see the purse lying in plain sight. doh. But there’s also a part of me that thinks that I ought to be able to motor through this world without fretting about stuff like that. (Please don’t tell my insurance company that I said that – they just cancelled hurricane coverage – what’s next?)

Sorry you guys had to experience this.

That just sucks, Diogenes. :mad:

My sister lives in Alberta, Canada, where it’s so cold in the winter that everyone leaves their cars running while they go grocery shopping. And no one steals their cars, let alone their valuables from inside.

Too bad we have to live in a world where scumbags think it’s ok to steal other people’s belongings. I’ve had 2 different apartments broken into 3 different times. There’s little worse (besides physical assault) that feels more violating than that. Believe me, no one would want me to rule the world, because in my world, thieves would get life in prison (or worse).

Not to be perceived as blaming the victim here, but why is it necessary to carry a “Volkswagon sized purse” into work with you? What is in that purse that you must have in your presence while at the workplace? Why not take in the bare necessities in a small, easily stowed bag which you can lock in your desk and leave the rest of it locked in the trunk of your car?

Man, that sucks. I had all of my graduation gifts from my college graduation stolen out of my car. Including all the cards I got from friends and family. I got distracted getting out of the car and didn’t lock my door, as was so much my routine that often I couldn’t remember locking it when I had.

God, I remember that feeling. Powerlessness. Self-recrimination. Anger. Despair.

I’m really sorry this happened to you.

If I could answer your question succintly, I’d now have a Hot Wheels sized purse.

G’head and blame the victim. My bad because I left the purse hanging on the back of a chair in my office, something I had done for seven years. Somehow, I trusted that everyone who walked through our doors was a friend.

Lesson learned.

Dio, is it possible the school might have a video surveliance system that would have captured the act or at least who was in the parking lot at the time?

Or better yet, even a surveillance system?

I had a car stolen once, stuff from a car stolen once, and my house burgled twice. We now have a security system. Sucks to be us. :frowning:

Plenty of people carry briefcases to work for legitimate reasons; I treat mine (more like a messenger bag really) as a purse too. If I think about it, I lock important stuff - wallet, phone, PDA - in my desk. Typically if I’m gone for any length of time (lunch) I just bring my bag with me.

I have no car to lock my bag in. I commute to work; my husband drives our car.

Everybody jumped on Mac’s initial statement, but I think it has merit. There are a lot of slimeballs out there. If you take reasonable steps to prevent them from taking advantage of you life is a little better. If you carelessly provide them an opportunity to rip you off you’re gonna be singing the blues.

My wife will not leave her purse in the car unless its in the trunk and the car is locked. It’s automatic with her. She’s never been ripped off but she’s very aware of the cost and stress that would occur if she lost that purse. Dio’s lady left hers and didn’t check with Dio when she got out.

But to keep this in context I vote “no ice cream for Dio tonight” and 15 years in the hole for the butthead that took the purse.

My SO’s car was stolen last year on Halloween night from right in front of our apartment (we don’t have off street parking.) Unfortunately, that also happened to be the day he had gone to the bank and gotten his money for the month ($600.00.) He left his wallet in the glove compartment.

The car was locked, and it was just joyriding kids–we got the car back about a week later with little damage, but the money was gone. I have to confess that I kept wondering why he’d leave his wallet in the car, but I never said anything because I didn’t want him to feel worse about the whole thing, and it’s not unreasonable to figure that your locked car will still be in front of your house in the morning. He learned his lesson (I learned it long ago when my purse was stolen from my locked desk in my office many years ago.)

I’m sorry to hear what happened to you, Diogenes, but you may want to check with the school like lieu suggested. Lots of schools have security cameras monitoring the building throughout the day–my son’s does.