I was stunned, I tell ya! Double dipping.....eeewwwwww.

This afternoon, after ice skating at a local lagoon here in this frosty city , where we met up with some new friends, we all decided to head out to a local noodle house for some hot wonton soup. We also ordered spring rolls. Out came the rolls with three bowls of dipping sauces.

Yep. You guessed it. Just about everyone dipped their spring rolls in, took a bite, and then proceeded to dip into the sauces AGAIN. Even the guy with the wicked head cold. I. About. Died. I was worried my husband would happily engage in same behaviour, but I did not feel comfy saying anything as some of the people I had never met before. I was astonished.

After that, I just ate my spring roll without any of the dipping sauce. Please note: there were spoons and side plates. I would have expected that said dipping sauces would have been measured out by the individual and placed on the side plate for further consumption.

Maybe I am being a bit prissy, but I really did not want to ‘share’ so intimately with virtual strangers. Would you have double dipped? Is it socially acceptable and I am just being a worry wart?
Eeewww… It still creeps me out.

(We were out the night before in a similar situation and the Dopers we were with seemed to know that double dipping is not cool).

Double dipping… there’s a special circle of Hell reserved for people who practice that. Ewwwww…

For me it all depends on degrees of familiarity.

For my family and my best friend, I don’t give a rat’s ass. I’ve probably got everything they’ve got anyway so I don’t care.

With friends I know quite well, I’ll raise an eyebrow but won’t complain too much because, meh. The actual incidence of me getting sick from it hasn’t ever been that high.

For “new” friends, work people or people I just don’t know that well I will hoard my own little puddle of sauce and won’t touch it after they’ve been in it.

Agreed, especially for someone with a cold to begin with. Gross and more importantly, unecessary.

Double eww

Does it count if you flip the unbitten part over and dip that? If so, I’ve been guilty of that - but only with family and SO!

I wasn’t even aware that spring rolls or egg rolls were intended to be dipped. I always bite the top off and pour some sauce in as needed. It seems like the tidiest way to eat them.

Yeah, I wouldn’t be dipping in that case.

That’s not double dipping in my book.

I would have immediately taken a spoonful of the sauce and put it on my plate, and doubledipped my own spring rolls to my heart’s content.

If the person is sick, then it’s very bad form.

If there’s nothing transmittable, meh. I just dipped my toe in your sauce.

Seriously, I’ve read enough horror stories about what goes on in restaurant kitchens that should make me want to stay home, but I don’t.

Meh, I don’t really mind. I mean, I won’t do it myself (unless I know I’m with non anally retentive, laid back people) but I don’t care if other people do it. I think this current germ phobia is really getting out of hand.

Considering that most people willingly shake hands, kiss, and even have sexual all-over-body contact with total strangers all the time, what’s the big deal?

It’s the same thing as finding a hair in your food. Some people simply get ooged out beyond belief. Eh, it’s just a hair, fercryinoutloud.

I would not have double-dipped, and I don’t think I would have had any of the sauce, either. You’re taught quite young here that you dip once in a communal sauce, and that’s it. Double-dipping is almost as bad as wearing your shoes in someone else’s house. :wink:

(I would have thought you guys would have had enough Chinese food last night, Deborah. :smiley: )

Oh, a hair in my food is one of the extremely few things that will trigger my gag reflex. Eating a big mouthful of something and there’s a human hair in my mouth, and I have to fish around the food to pull it out? Ewwwwwwwww. I’m almost done eating at that point, it grosses me out so much. (This is from someone who watched an autopsy and then went to lunch without a quiver.)

Chinese style is all about double dipping at home at least. Also if it’s homestyle foods. Only in fancy restaurants do you tend to get your own individual sauce.

IMO, double dipping is not a great idea, but is certainly not anywhere near the level of scorn it sometimes garners. Sick people should not be dipping anything that has their saliva on it into a communal dipping sauce, I think that should go without saying.

When someone (usually a girl, sorry ladies) sees someone dip a chip into some salsa, take a bite and then dip it back in for more salsa, there is often an extreme reaction of disgust. This happens even if the entire portion of the chip that touched the persons lips was eaten, and the only part of the chip that touched the salsa the second time was completely untouched.

Sickness is one thing, but phobia of “germs” can get quite a bit out of hand. Every time I see a girl freak out when someone double dips, I can’t help but think that if she thought the guy that did it was hot, she’d have no problem licking the inside of his mouth for damn near an hour, without thinking twice about “germs”.

Heh, that brings me back to the “wash your hands after you pee” maxim. If one gets pee on one’s hands, it’s probably best if one washes them. However, if there is no pee transfered onto one’s hands, some believe that just having touched one’s penis makes one’s hands “filthy”. Perhaps if I just touched my penis without even peeing, my hands would still be “dirty”.

Funny, but I’ve yet to meet a woman that had me wash my penis before she put it right in her mouth. If I touch it, my hands are “dirty”, if I dip a chip that has already been bitten into a dip, I’m being “disgusting”, but, if I’d like to have my penis sucked on for a bit, all rules go out the window. Maybe I should just count my blessings, even though I’d be perfectly willing to wash my junk before having it serviced. In any case, I’m confused by people’s conflicting rationality in regards to the spread of germs and disease.

This has never been an issue for me. My friends and I will often eat the same exact finger food passed back and forwards bite by bite, or off the same fork, or anything really. Hell, we were shocked one time getting fast food with one of my friends parents when they automatically ordered us all separate drinks. We normally just share one or two. In high school one of us kept a two liter of pop in his book bag and every one of our group drank straight out of it when we were thirsty. It just worked for us. I am shocked by the people who have never done this and really care.

That said, if I don’t know the people well enough, or am really I do separate some sauce for myself from the big pot.

And then my friends there will usually sponge said separate section off me. :wink:

For our chocolate fountains, we don’t allow double dipping. But we are running for several hours with body heat chocolate full of fat and sugar - ideal bacterial growth conditions. For a high acidity condiment over a period of a few minutes, gut juices will deal with anything that has survived the actual sauce.

The human mouth and gut is pretty resilient, and contains more and nastier bacteria than just about any other part of the body - including genitalia. That said - I always wash my personal bits before bed, on the off-chance… It’s just polite.


Well, at least I now know my single-dipping habit is socially acceptable. Haven’t seen folk double-dip (then again, I’m usually too busy yakking at the occasions where there’s stuff to be dipped to pay much attention to what anyone else does with their nibbles) but yeah – count me in as one of the eww-yuk brigade.

The only thing I ever dip into communally is the sweet & sour sauce that comes with the crab Rangoon at the local Chinese restaurant, and then the only double-dipping I do is with my bride. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I think Pixelated had the right idea – turn it over and dip the other end, that’d be OK with me.

I do all those things with my SO, hell we sleep together every night. I bitch him out for double dipping even when it’s just us. It is totally gross.