I was the guest of honor

This is completely selfish, but I felt incredibly complemented, so I am posting a thread. And what better place than MPSIMS. After all, it was pretty mundane and pointless and I really have no one else to share it with.

Over 27 years ago I moved to a pretty small town in a midwestern state. I was a runner. I love running. There was really no organization at all in the area for runners. You would have five races on one weekend and none on the next. And after the runs were held, it was 50/50 whether you would get your times and no one else would ever see them.

So I started a newsletter to all the runners in the area. I put in all the upcoming runs, the times of area runners, unique places in the area to go for runs, weird expierences at the different runs and the occasional running humor. It was pretty primitive. Typewriter and copier and stamps but it pretty much worked. I did this for about six or seven years and ended up getting a better job in another state, then another. I left the original mailing list with one of the local runners. Time passes.

Three weeks ago I got an invitation to attend the 20th annual meeting of a running club that grew out of my newsletter. My wife and I went. Over 100 people were there (representing hundreds of others). I was sitting at the head table and was asked to speak and was given a standing ovation for my contribution all those years ago. It felt pretty good. There are now regular emails to all the runners in that area, they have two websites, regular meetings. They have money in the organization and help fund and organize races and even have a scholarship program.

This will probably will die with no responses, but that’s fine. Sometimes when you do the right thing…it does not bite you on the butt.

That’s pretty cool, actually. You contributed something to people’s lives and they noticed. I can see why that would be gratifying. And you did it that hard way. No internets.

That’s awesome!

My brother moved from a town that had a running club like that to one that didn’t. It took him forever to find people to run with regularly (5 years or so!).

Believe me, to serious runners, having an organization like that makes an enormous difference.


I totally get that - and yeah, it is worth sharing and something to be proud of.

Good on you!

I believe the general consensus is that you’re anything but. Nicely done, my man.

To do so much for so many is something to be proud of.

Congratulations! It’s fun to be in on something special from the beginning and even nicer to be appreciated for it. :smiley:

To do something like that unbidden, and make other lives better in doing so, is just too cool! Congratulations on starting something special.