I watched Brokeback Mountain this weekend

Am I going to get over it any time in the near future? Damn.

I know exactly how you feel.
I saw it for the first time about two and a half weeks ago. I’m feeling better now, but it’s still kind of brooding in the back of my mind. ::sigh::
I’m glad I saw it, though.

Nope. And it doesn’t get any easier the second and third time you watch it either. I have a hard time seeing Jake and Heath as anything but Jack and Ennis now.

Thanks, Greywolf. :smiley:

I have a feeling the second time I watch it (I bought the DVD when I returned the movie), I’ll start crying before the opening credits have finished and not stop until well after the end. Never mind the warnings about violence, sex and swearing - they should warn you that this movie will get in your head and never get out.

I saw it last weekend.

They’re haunting my dreams!

Oh, you’re welcome! I’m even worse than that–I will tear up at those first two guitar notes. Even when listening to the soundtrack. :o

Took me about a month or so, but every so often it still gets me out of the blue. Like now in fact.

Me too. I worked out how to play it on the guitar, and mrs jjimm burst out crying when I played it for her.

“Jack, I swear…”

Okay, I’ve decided that since they’re fictional characters, they can do anything I want in my mind. They’re both living happily in Northern Canada now, hunting and trapping for a little money, with no one around for miles and miles. :smiley:

I had to rewind a bunch of times and then put on subtitles to even understand what he said! Kind of broke up the moment.

How do you read that line? Just that he’ll never get over it?

I took the line to mean that Ennis wishes that Jack knew that he loved Jack as much as Jack obviously loved Ennis.

Right there with you. Ordered it off Pay-Per-View. ::sniff::

A previous very long thread.

Well, in my mind, Jack’s nasty daddy (he’s much worse in the short story) passed and Jack moved up to the ranch to help out his mama. And Ennis had a horrible nightmare where Jack was brutally murdered and finally realized that this was his one chance for happiness and moved up there with him where they’re still living today…

Ooh, that’s good too.

How about this - Jack’s wife was just being a bitch because she found out about him and the other rancher dude. She stamped “deceased” on the postcard and told Jack’s parents and Ennis that he’s dead. Then Jack comes back to Wyoming in November, and Ennis finally says to hell with everyone and they ride off into the sunset together.

Yeah, because was the beating with the tire iron just in her imagination? His? It might not have been the omnisicent narrator showing us, you see.

Except I read the book about 6 years ago, so I do know. :frowning:

Yeah, and maybe Romeo and his girlfriend, that Capulet chick, lived happily ever after in Verona. Now that I think of it, somebody did a version like that. Sucked.

Heath Ledger continues to impress me every time I see him. Obviously not just a pretty face.

You’re harshing my mellow here. :smiley:

Not just Heath, but Jake, too. A couple of guys that pretty really don’t need to act that well.

It took me 25 years to see ET (I kid you not).

I figure with Brokeback, I’m safe 'til the 2030s.

Well, you could go see Flight 93. That will probably put Brokeback right out of your mind.

Thanks for the reminder that I still need to get around to seeing Brokeback. I promise I"ll do it soon…how long do I have till my gay card is revoked?