I Watched The Occultation Of Jupiter Tonight

It was great: it was early in the evening {6.15 NZ time}, and I took Little Case outside with the binoculars - patchy cloud, but it cleared in time to give us a good view from the balcony. We watched Jupiter slowly slide behind the moon, and then went out an hour later to watch it reappear: meanwhile, I was engaged with an orange, a golfball and a torch trying to explain what had happened. Luckily, the paper had a really great graphic and article, which I’m going to save for him: the next one won’t be visible in these parts for another 70 years.

Dammit, I looked at the moon earlier and said to myself, “that’s a mighty bright star right there next to the moon…”

If only i’d investigated further. Damn and blast.

So “occultation” means all the Jupiterians started sacrificing cats and listening to Ozzy Osbourne and reading Harry Potter?

You’ll know better next time.

Shoot. Why didn’t you tell us beforehand! :wink: I just got a new scope, too …

I thought the title was “I Watched the Occupation of Jupiter Tonight.”

Not that Astronomy isn’t cool. But interplanetary war is cooler.

Missed it. Didn’t even know it was happening. :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack: :smack:

I think it was a Southern hemisphere thing. Jupiter was visible in Australia during daylight it was so bright.