I/We Have Braggin' Rights!

So today, I’m filled to bursting and I just have to share. Nay-sayers and begrudgers be damned!

Mrs. Lacha and myself have been married for 14 years!

I’m not really looking for a response here, so never mind the “attention whore” cracks. I’m just very, very happy, and wanted to brag! :slight_smile:

Congrats! Happy Anniversary. Fourteen years is something to brag about. Go for it I say!

Well done, that man. :slight_smile:
And that woman. :smiley:

My parents are coming up to their 60th anniversary. :cool:
I asked them for the secret of their success:

Mum “Always settle an argument before going to sleep. Agree how to handle the finances. Be prepared for good times and bad. Take pleasure in your joint achievements.”

Dad “Two little words, son… Yes dear.”

That’s 98 in dog years.

Just saying…

Congrats, many salutations and the best of luck in the future. Enjoy many more!

That is certainly something well worth bragging about.


Hey, congrats, Daithi Lacha!

Today is my anniversary as well. Ten wonderful years and three beautiful kids.
::clinks champagne glass::

Cheers! Congratulations to you and yours, likewise. Or lengthwise; your choice.