Married twenty five years

Yep, silver anniversary. Sometime I can’t believe it. We stumbled a few times, but held on. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Congrats. Going to help my in-laws celebrate their 57th tonight.


You’ve obviously learned the secret.

Remember-you can either be happy or RIGHT.

Yay you two. We just got to our 20th.


Congratulations! Remember when you were first married and people who were married ten years seemed to have been married a long time? It’s funny now!

My wife and I hit 27 years this summer. A few months past that, and we pass my parents, who split when I was fifteen. A minor milestone, I guess.

25 years! Woot- can I present a medal to you both?

My parents just celebrated their 50th.

So Mazel Tovs all around.


Have you been married longer than you were single? That’s when I knew I was in it for the duration. Or, as my wife puts it, “We are going to keep at this until we get it right!”

Shodan (31 years, so far)

Congratulations! Mama Zappa and I will hit 30 years legal this summer, so we know what a big deal this is!

Congratulations! Very kewl! I think LTR’s are a bomb.

Congratulations, and well done! May your love only deepen with each passing year. My wife and I will reach our 23rd anniversary in August.

I’m happy for you. This June will be our 23rd.

Not quite! But close:D

Thanks all!:D;)

:slight_smile: Congrats. Wishing you another happy 25!

Hearty congrats!
In recent thread I mentioned we just had our 32nd…and for our 25th (back when we had money) we went to Hawaii to celebrate.

25 is a great milestone! Best wishes for at least another 25!

Congradulations. Have many more.

for my wife and I divorce has not been an option. But murder has been considered several times. So far after 41 years neither of us have moved to murder. So here we sit fat and happpy most of the time.