I went to a cattle call for America's Next Top Model and ended up in a stampede

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Sometimes people disgust me.

Someone heard “America’s Neck-Stomp Model” and thought it sounded like a good idea.

I heard someone in the line yelled “Math!” and panic ensued.

Just outta curiosity, what did you find disgusting about this, OP?

The contestants are always so highly educated, genteel, and well-behaved— I can’t see how gathering 10,000 of them in one place could possibly lead to this sort of mayhem.

And don’t forget beautiful. From here on in I’m going to imagine you as a really hot looking girl.

Oh wait. I thought you were the OP, Annie-Xmas

I find it disgusting when people don’t behave like the civilized human beings we are supposed to be.

And I’m a middle aged woman who no one would call “hot.” Kind of average looking.


At least these folks were stampeding over shouts of “fire” and “bomb” instead of a chance to buy a cheap DVD player.

I heard they were letting in models that were shorter this cycle. We short people can have tempers. After years and years of getting stepped on and hearing stupid comments, “wow, you’re short!”, we sometimes snap and decide to be the ones doing the stepping. However I’m sure some bitchy 6 footer probably asked for it with a stupid “Hey, I didn’t see you way down there!” comment.

[sub] First person to quote that horrid Randy Newman song will get their ankles viciously gnawed. [/sub]

You win the thread. And in record time, too!

Or for that matter, tales of a grave and gathering danger in the mideast.

Did you qualify after starting the bomb scare?

It was a cattle call. The cattle got spooked and stampeded. Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

TEN THOUSAND WOMEN? You’d think that out of ANY random sample of 10,000 women they could find a few prettier than the contestants on that show.

Has anybody from ATM ever had a modelling career after the show?

I always find most of them ugly too. The wifey will occasionally plonk on the couch to watch the stupid Top Model marathons on VH-1, and I’ll watch for a bit just to see if any are bangable.

They’re not supposed to be pretty. They’re supposed to be model-shaped.

I get that a lot. I think we share a cup size.

YMMV, but I wouldn’t go looking for civilization among a group of 10,000 looks-fixated attention whores. Just sayin’ is all…