I went to see a time share...

and I said, “No!” (Actually, I said, “No, thank you,” being polite.)

But they made 4 offers. I can see two, but they started to get annoying after that.

And of course, they gave us more “vacations” to use, in which we’d have to listen to their spiel all over again.

They wanted just under $20,000 for our weekly share of one unit. That’s $1,000,000 per unit once every week is sold. These dinky mini-condos are not worth $1,000,000!

The scary thing is, I rather liked the resort. It was only about 2 hours away driving. If I could’ve afforded it, I might’ve signed.

How about this conversation?

“And Mr. Diver, your maintenance fee would be $268 per year.”
‘So I would pay $5.15?’
“No you pay $268”
‘Why am I paying everybody else’s maintenance fee?’
“You aren’t, you are just paying your maintenance fee”
“Well if I have one week and the fee is $268 per year and I pay all of it then I paid everybody else’s fee, right?”
“No you don’t understand, everyone pays $268 a year”
‘For one week? Isn’t that illegal?’

It all sort of went downhill after that…

Yeah Diver, that’s what I nailed them on too. They were going on about breaking down the price to “it is only $91 to spend and entire week a this lovely resort. You couldn’t even get motel 6 for that”. So I said “But what about that $350 maintenance fee. Doesn’t that make it like $441 for a week at the beach?” The guy totally dodged the question, steering it towards how they replaced the furniture every 5 years or so.

There are web sites where you can buy ‘used’ Time Shares, you know, ones people bought for a lot of money & don’t want anymore. You can get a time share pretty cheap but I don’t understand the concept of why anyone would want to pay $500 a week.