I wish England still had a monarchy...

…cause that’d be sooooo cute! Can you imagine? Londoners stopping in their tracks to say “All hail His Royal Highness, the King!” while wearing all their punk rock clothes and stuff?

god save the queen, and her fascist regime

made you a moron, potential h-bomb

They do have a monarchy - its just that the Queen doesn’t have any real power, all she is there for is ceremonial duties and as a tourist attraction.

Well, that wins my vote for “Thread title most likely to make Steve wonder if he’s accidentally slipped into a parallel dimension”.

Yes, the Monarchy has been going strong since 826 A.D., apart from that minor unpleasantness (and brief hiatus) in the 17th century, and shows no immediate signs of stopping. And these days, I think the Queen’s a more common sight in the streets of London than punk rockers.

Nooooo! Don’t make Stevie Wonder slip into a parallel dimension!

You call the Queen of England common???

What do you think you are – a don???

Personally, I’d prefer it if we didn’t have a monarchy. Also bear in mind that she’s Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and head of state for several Commonwealth countries too.

What made you think we don’t - or is this some sort of funny joke?

Ooh! Ooh! Can I tell him?

Actually, it’s not such a bad thread idea - things that, in other times, places or dimensions, would seem really cool:

USA Constitution
Man on the moon

She’s head of state of Australia, but not as the Queen of the United Kingdom. Most Australians don’t realise it, but she is actually Queen of Australia.

As for whether she should be or not… I used to be a republican, but now I don’t care (like most Aussies). She’s a nice enough old thing I suppose. She’s also an evil parasite too if you want to look at it that way. I dunno. Nobody here gives a toss. I want a beer.

Well then, what is Her Purple Holiness’es official relationship to Canada?

She’s yer actual queen mate so a bit of respect if you don’t mind

'er 'ighness does 'ave yer actual powers, f’rinstance a government can’t be formed wivout 'er say so. So in effect if yer actual Tone Blair got voted in again next time round and assuming that 'e 'ad pissed of yer 'ighness by not getting 'is round in she could say “bog of you minger” and some other poor bugger would have to do wot Tone does…so there.

wo’ 'e said 'n all

How much does the Queen cost Australia? Not counting the expences for the queens representative which you would have anyway

OHHHHHHH can I tell my Queenie story? was that a no? ok shut up I’m telling!

I was working in a pub in Trafalgar square, right opposite the National Portrait Gallery (I’m sure a Londoner could tell you the name of the pub, it was a Samuels Smiths). I got up in the morning and opened the curtains and commented to the b/f that there was a shitload of people over the road. Being the every-so-nosey type I kept watching to see what was going on.

Five minutes later there she was! Lizzie Her Self! It was the opening of an exhibition of portraits of herself and other Royal types. Well I was on the phone to NZ in a flash (annoying to people in a whole other time zone) but it was a cool moment, not many people can say they saw the Queen out the bedroom window!

Long may She reign…ok call me odd but I like Charlie too.

Way to misrepresent me, you tosser. Very imaginative.

Read the rest of it, mate. I think you’ll find the general tone of it is that I’m not particularly of that opinion myself, just reporting it as felt by many of the Australian people (and indeed folks in the UK). Actually, I’m a conservative, and I don’t personally have a problem with royalty (on this level). I am very mixed on the issue of royalty. I am, on balance, a republican, but I do admit to liking a lot of the pomp and ceremony, and as for Lizzie herself, I have a lot of respect for her. As Gough Whitlam, of all people, said, “she is the world’s most experienced statesperson. She’s been doing it for decades, and she’s very intelligent.”

See now trust an Aussie to say it right! Liz is a true ‘elder statesperson’. She has more diplomacy experience then nearly all the world leaders put together.

I’m not a Royalist, but I can see more problems with a president then I can with Royalty.

She’s Queen of New Zealand too. As jjimm said – HOS of the Commonwealth. There are republican bubblings up from the depths here now and then, but it’s basically a case of, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Yes, the UK most definitely has a monarchy, largely unbroken since 1066.

And she ain’t a member of a politcal party.

Which I like.

Didn’t mean to misrepresent you, I just trieed to keep it as short as possible since it was a hijack. I can see that it looke d that way though.
But i still want to know if the Queen costs Australian taxpayers anything.