I wish I could flick my ears around like my cat can

You know what I mean…sometimes when you touch the tip of a cat’s ear, it hard-out twitches.

It would be soo cool if I could do that. I’d pick up all the chicks at parties. And if my ear was itchy, I wouldn’t need to scratch it.

Well, yes, you would still need to scratch it.
You’d just do it with your hind foot.

I can do that, just not voluntarily. When I hear far-off noises (they seem to be the kind that are quiet from where I am but would be loud if I were standing next to the source of the noise) my ears will noticeably move back and forth. I thought I was just imagining things until my friend saw and commented on it.

It would be cool if I could control the movement, though.

That is one of the funniest answers I have seen for a long time. Thank you.

I wish I could turn my ears toward the back of my head like my cat does. Sometimes (quite often) when he’s being stubborn and wont turn around to look at me when I call him, he’ll just turn his ears back towards me. I think its just the neatest thing - almost looks like his head is on backwards! LOL

I can wiggle my ears.

My ears “perk up” involuntarily when I hear a sound behind me too. I can also wiggle them on command.

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So, do you guys know about The Cat Game. Two or more people sit behind a cat. Each one in turn makes some sort of noise. If the cat’s ears turn back, but he does not turn around, you win. If he turns around, you lose.

Takes a lot of skill, and the cats don’t seem to mind. :smiley: