I woke up from a dream (to be continued)

I know that we don’t know a lot about dreaming so I don’t know if the answer is out there, but if it is it would be someone on the Dope.

Sometimes the alarm will wake me up from a dream and I’ll hit the snooze alarm (7 minutes). Withing that time, I’ll have a completely different dream not even related to the interrupted one. Why wouldn’t the old dream just continue from where it left off?

I’m not a sleep expert, but in the past when I have tried to continue an interrupted dream as you described I have had little success in doing so. On the few occasions I have been able to continue a dream something is not right. For example, the cast of characters would have changed. I’ve also tried to have lucid dreams while in between alarms, but normally something in the dream will distract me therefore taking away any super powers I would normally give myself.

Why would you expect the first dream to continue? It is not like dreams follow a predetermined script or story that is leading to some climax or conclusion. Indeed, most dreams make very little sense as stories, and normally,in my experience, seem to end at an unsatisfying point in the middle of the action somewhere. Your brain is just making it up as it goes along. When one dream is interrupted it is over, and if you go back to sleep you may (or may not) start a new one.

That’s odd. I usually go straight back to the old dream when I go back to sleep. Sometimes I intentionally do the “hit the snooze” thing, just so I can finish the dream, because most of them have endings, and if I don’t I keep feeling as if I’m forgetting something important for an hour or so.