I Won My First Case!

For those not familiar with the story, I’m a second-year law school participating in a clinic this semester. Today we had our hearing in the EOIR (Immigration Court). My client was facing deportation, and the judge cancelled it. He told us it was the most well supported case he had ever seen. DHS waived their appeal so we didn’t even have to bring all the witnesses we had.


I am sooooo tired, from long nights prepping and organizing stacks and stacks of papers… but so thrilled.



Congratulations, counselor!

I hope the client enjoyed getting into his briefs.



We were wondering where you’d been.

Want to help me with my citizenship paperwork, Ms. INS-killer? :slight_smile:

Ooh, congrats! It was way exciting when my now-ex got his first win.

Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you and happy for your client. I am currently petitioning for my husband to stay here based on marriage to me – I am a lawyer, but not that kind of lawyer. He has a concurrent petition for asylum (which he started six years before meeting me – yes, he waited that long for his interview) that so far has been denied (well, not granted) and we go to court in September. The plan is that if all is going well with the marriage petition, we will cancel the asylum petition at that time…however, it certainly is scary to see legal papers pertaining to my husband that say “Removal Proceedings” at the top. Excellent job, again!!!

I’ll never forget my first win. Congratulations, and may there be many more!

I don’t think I would have been able to resist, when the time called for it, to at least once slam my hand down and yell ‘Objection!’ while slightly and with subtlety pull off a kind of pose like that, and feel silly yet cool at the same time.
…don’t give me that look people, you’ve thought of it too. :stuck_out_tongue:
Joking aside though, awesome job and congratulations on your win! If I ever need someone on my side in a courtroom, I’ll look you up. :smiley:


Now, I trust that you will be amending your business cards to mention:

Superhero Ability: Power of Attorney? :smiley:

Thanks guys!

I am still flying high. Now we just have to close out the case.

Ah, filing. Not very glamorous, but very important.

Congratulations! Enjoy your day in the sun! :slight_smile:

How long until the order is final?

Hey, cool! Congrats!

Does this mean that Protagoras will be wanting his fees now?

Huzzah! Rock your briefcase thang!

We received a final order from the bench, but my client’s passport and green card are in a… undisclosed location at the moment, so we are trying to track them down. She should have gotten them back at the hearing, but didn’t, and now everyone is rushing to disavow any responsibility. :rolleyes:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Now it’s just a few steps away to being a grizzled sarcastic grey-haired DA with a smoking hot assistant…

glad you were able to win and help someone at the same time.

Psst… she’s a girl. I don’t think girls can become grizzled. It would break the cliche-o-meter.