I won the lottery today!

I won! I won!

I will be able to hunt this year in the 8 day, NH moose hunt. Actually, my hunting buddy won. However, the winner gets two licenses so that they can hunt in teams. Since both of us entered this year, we had twice the chance of winnning.

This was the first year either of us have tried the lottery. Even in state residents often enter every year for a lifetime without ever winning. As an out of state resident, I am lucky indeed. :smiley:

I think I need to go rifle shopping this weekend. :wink:

Congrats, you beat the odds. Ironically, your chances of bagging a moose are even better. In the north, you can just drive around until you hit one…:smiley:

This is the point where I love living in BC. 40- to 90-day open seasons on moose, depending on the region :slight_smile: Though the .270 I should be getting in a week or two might be a little under-gunned for moose, plus I’m not sure what I’d do with that much meat, so I think I’ll stick to deer at least for now :slight_smile:

Excellent! Best of luck for your moose! This season will be just my second hunting season (traditional archery only), and I’m really hoping to get a deer this year.

I bought a Ruger #1 in 7mm specfically for a moose hunt; I was convinced that my .223 was just going to piss off the moose.

I haven’t used that piece of field artillery since, interestingly enough, since it’s way too much gun for deer…

LOL. I spent the weekend looking at big guns. A .338 Remington would definately do the trick. Then sit unused for decades to come. :wink:

I figure a 30.06 will be plenty. I will have to borrow one. I usually hunt with a shotgun or 30-30.

The odds for bagging a deer in NH are only about 8% success rate. The moose lottery winners however, enjoy about a 75% success rate.

Congrats, Debaser! :smiley:

Glad to see that Debaser has come around to the right school of thought for our hunting trip for Bullwinkle… .30-06 borrowed.

BTW, the odds are 90% + for northern NH, shrinking to about 30% as you move further south towards the coast of NH. 75% state wide.

-Butler (The REAL lucky bastard!)

355 moose taken in NH last year?

I’m surprised they could even FIT 355 moose in NH.

(ducks and covers)

Seriously, are moose difficult to hunt? In my limited experience with deer and moose (not hunting) deer seem to be hard to see much of the time, and when they sense a human, they quickly disappear.

Whereas moose seem about as big as a barn, and I’ve never seen one exactly shy away at my approach.

More questions: how much meat can you expect to get off of a decent-sized moose? How does the taste of moose compare to venison? How far will you have to pack that meat?

Happy humting!

From my (limited) experience with Venison, it’s about 1/2 of the “cleaned” weight (no entrails). So a 600# moose (smallish) turns out 300-350# of meat.

As far as hunting them, they are big and barnlike, and do shy away from humans and our smell, but not nearly to the extent of deer. Depending on their interaction with humans and our smells some are more or less reluctant to “run” away at our approach. I’m hoping to find some that walk right up to Debaser and myself, and have a nice bullseye on their side!

NH is big by the way, bigger than MA, RI, CT, but smaller than ME, and about the same as VT. Plenty of unused land for moose (especially north of Concord NH).


DeBaser, did I see you on the PSE website? I read your post here, and thought, “self, did I just read this the other day?”

Anyway, congratulations! I myself just won a special Archery Hunt in California, and I’m probably almost as excited as you are. Well, maybe not - moose is really something special! Let us know how you did, OK?

Oops, on preview, I see that it was probably Butler that I saw on the other site - congratulations to you both!

As a former New Hampshire resident I will never forget the statistic from one year’s moose hunt. They gave out 500 licenses giving one the right to bag a single moose. 498 were successful in their endeavor. I often wondered if walking up and clubbing them to death might be more sporting. I don’t think most non-northerners realize how plentiful they are in the North Woods.

My sister was bit by a mööse once. No really …

Bowert, it was me.

-Butler (still waiting on the tips and locations in Unit J1! Come on Dopers!

Oh crud, I need a sugar daddy and I thought you won some money…I can’t live on moose :rolleyes:

Wow. Minnesota moose hunters rarely bag a moose, and are allowed only one permit a lifetime.