Moose - it's what's for supper.

Mmmmm - moose steaks, Parmesan risotto and roasted beets.

I’ve only had moose once, and I loved it. Very … beefy, as I recall.

Enjoy. I hope you have a rich, dry red wine to go with it.

Keith’s Red, not red wine, but they were good!

I’ve had moose as a younger version of myself. Don’t recall not liking it.

So, a question. Have you ever eaten moose nose? I was reading the other day about a guy visiting some outpost or other and being offered moose nose. Was he being honored with a choice piece or were they playing a joke on him?

I haven’t had it, but according to this guy, it’s a “damn good traditional meal. … If you like tongue, you’ll like nose.”

That’s what she said.

Some of the best chili I ever made was moose-based.

You still going on about that foursome? :slight_smile:

Lucky bastard. Moose is some good eatin’! Our brother-in-law the hunter gave us some lovely deer sausage - we’ll have to see about getting in on it if he ever bags a moose.

Stay away from the moose turd pie… (Utah, you are missed.)

I can’t help noticing that you aren’t offering to share…

Flying squirrel haz a sad.

I’ve only had moose once. When I was in grad school in Waterloo, I sublet a room in a townhouse from a New Brunswick trucker and his wife. One time the guy was driving his truck and he saw a moose get hit by a vehicle. He stopped his truck and he figured that the back half of the moose was still salvageable so he called the OPP and asked them if he could keep it. They said it was fine, so he loaded it in his truck and took it back with him.

His wife took a roast-sized hunk and cooked it up. I don’t know if she boiled it or what, but it had kind of an unappetizing grey colour to it. They offered me a piece and, not surprisingly, it tasted kind of bland and rubbery.

Ours was not bland and rubbery - marinated it for half an hour, since game meat tends to be drier, then quick grill on the BBQ. Tasted great!

Well, the SDMB pm doesn’t have a “meat attachment” function yet; maybe after the next upgrade…

My aunt cans some of the meat from the moose my uncle hunts. Lovely stuff.

When my cat was alive, he would ignore all human food except for tuna, of which he expected a portion, and the canned moose, for which he would climb you and murder your face off if you were slow about dropping it.

To this day I am haunted by the vision of a lone moose walking with feigned nonchalance and increased urgency across the land as more and more domestic shorthairs amble in his wake, not really interested yet but biding their time until there are enough of them that they can take him down and feast.

Jellied moose nose. You people are sick! Moose nose! In jelly! Of all things!

I’d try it at least once…

That’s not sick. Zat fine dish is nez a l’orignal in aspic. With a tiny quail egg and truffles on top, perhaps? Down in the states we’d cook up a hog’s head, jelly it and call it “head cheese.”

My dad would say, “That’ll put hair on your chest.”

I love the guy in the video. Canada must still know how to raise up real men with the capital em. Cookin’ in camo with the chain saw and all. Probably got hair on his chest and stuff.

3trew, your post made me laugh.

Damn you 3trew! Now when I go for a walk, I’m going to be on the outlook for kitties who just happen to be following me…


I love venison, so I would probably love moose also.

That’s, uh, quite a vision there!

aruvqan, my cat is totally trying to kill me! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.