Moose - it's what's for supper.

A friend gave me moose a few years ago and I made moose stroganoff - absolutely delicious.

I really should be daid from two exceedingly close encounters with moose, once from sheer stupidity and once in a surprise encounter skiing. I would like to thank all five of them for their remarkable restraint. For this reason I will not make fun of their tiny little poo.

You know, when you think about it shouldn’t it really be cattle that are called “moose”?

My sister once bit a m00se…

Beef, and presumably moose, needs to be aged. You can’t just go all Robert Pattinson on a fresh one.

I skipped some of the boring details in the story; for instance, they had a butcher separate it into cuts, they gave some away, they had sausage made, etc.


My family is ripe with hunters, who usually take down a moose or two every fall. I happen to be quite fond of it. We had a friend over for dinner once who remarked on the succulent roast beef we prepared. It was, in fact, moose heart.

Otherwise, my second favourite preparation would be incorporating ground moose meat into spaghetti sauce in place of ground beef. Kids (especially) are none the wiser!