I like meat.

Starts eating a big piece of meat

Meat is good.

Have you ever considered subletting a life so you could know what you are missing?

I like okra.

Want me to start a thread about it? Would that rock your world?

What is okra? I have never tried it.

It’s green. You probably wouldn’t like it.

Myself, all of the dishes I tend to include okra in are so blazingly spicy that I don’t really have any clear idea about what okra actually tastes like. It has a nice texture, though.

Okra is quite mild-tasting, somewhere between courgettes(zucchini) and mangetout(! -snow pea).

I like corn.

Aw hell, I like food generally.

Nobody’d ever have guessed that, Mangetout.

Damn, I wanna make a big ol’ pot of fall vegetable soup, now.


Muad’Dib, would this meat be combined with beans and cheese in burrito form?



This coming from a grown man with an obsession with a comic book heroine? I’m not knocking comic books because I know I love 'em but let’s remove that beam from your eye before we talk about others needing a life.


Okra has a bizarre texture, but truth be told, if you spice it up enough, who cares?

I, too, like meat. Okra, on the other hand, is one of the few vegetable that I won’t eat. Brussel sprouts are another item on that short list.

I like soy products, such as Boca burgers, because of the taste.

Eeeeew. Okra is slimy. Yuck.

Meat is good, though. Even elk, bear, deer, partridge and bunny meat is good.

I have it on good authority that Brussel Sprouts are grown in the moist, slimy hollow of Satan’s armpit.

Mmm. Meat. Food of the gods.

Fried Okra is great! Especially with barbecued meet!

hmmmn freshy bludgeond orca with a side of sauteed dolphin.

Meat IS good. Bacon is the food of the gods. :slight_smile:

Mmmm. Meat. 16-oz Porterhouse at Bone’s SteakHouse in Atlanta. Mmmm. Best $45 I ever spent.

When come back, bring MEAT!

Ah, meat. Meat, meat, meat. Pork! Pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, pork, pork. Yum. (I like saying pork as much as eating it.)

And potatoes too. Can I have them mashed?