Canadians! Do Not Let Moose Lick Your Car!

Finally! Someone is calling attention to the persistent problem of salty cars and the meese who love them.

Wow. Never knew this was a thing. As someone planning to (eventually) drive to Alaska and also to drive an ice road, this is good to know.Thanks for the PSA, @Dr_Paprika.

I love Canada.

Seems to me that if a moose decides it’s gonna lick your car, you don’t really have much say in the matter.


That was my first thought, too. What do Canadian officials expect people to do exactly, about a 700lb-1500lb animal that’s taken a notion to doing, well, anything its heart desires?

I suggest you add some vinegar, maybe even a little tequila. You think it’s easy being a moose? You’re sitting in the woods, dreaming of pretzels, and out of nowhere a salt lick drives up. And you want me to what now?

Moose are supposed to lick squirrel instead!

Now that is some porn I do NOT want to watch.

I guess that would be “Secret Squirrel”?

A moose once bit my sister…

I read the article anxiously, hoping not to see a picture of a moose with its tongue frozen to a car…

Put out some six packs of Moosehead

Funny, but I was hoping to see such pix. Some stuff is just plain funny. Besides, for a big enough moose and a small enough car some pretty funny vehicle damage might ensue.

The good news for the poor moose stuck to a car is that humans will help free it. Some other less fortunate moose who licked a section of disused railroad tracks or an old fridge dumped in a ditch in the country will die trapped in place unnoticed.

PSA for moose: If you want to lick a salty vehicle, pick one that a) runs and b) is in town. And don’t kick the human with the bucket of water.

You think they want the salt? It’s a peer pressure thing - herd mentality. “You know, Salmonmousse, you just don’t have the guts to lick that car…”

Like this:

Lime and Tequila!

What about when life gives you lemons?

Surely this thread should be in The Quarantine Zone.