I wonder if this is grounds for divorce.

Tomorrow is Mr. Rilch’s birthday. Tradition dictates an ice-cream cake from Coldstone’s.

I was sooooooooo careful getting it back to the house. I had all the windows open and the air on; I kept to a steady 65 on the freeway, then coasted on the surface streets with a feather’s touch on the pedals. Carried it oh so carefully up the stairs…

…and put it in the fridge.

I’m notorious for this: putting stuff in the fridge when it’s meant for the freezer, and the reverse. I opened the fridge a little while ago, and saw the cake sitting miserably in its own runoff. With shaking hands, I rearranged the freezer and stowed the cake inside, seeing, in profile, that the top was concave.

Mr. Rilch doesn’t know about this yet.

Well, it’s not like I ruined it entirely!

I feel your pain.

I put the Saran Wrap in the fridge once.

Well, ok. It’s not exactly the same but the thought is there. I wanna hear what Mr. Rilch has to say about this little faux pas!

Well, I just told him over the phone, and he was okay with it. Yay!

When my parents first got a remote for the TV it ALWAYS ended up in the fridge somehow. I never did figure that out.

Both my SO and I have been known to try to put the kettle in the fridge after making a cup of tea.

I keep my lipstick in the fridge. Simply, this is Florida, summer’s around the corner and I don’t want to keep running the air-conditioner just so I don’t have little melty swirls of color all over the vanity. Again.

It started just a few in the butter keeper, but (former)Roommate was getting concerned when they started taking over the fridge door.

Now if I could just remember to put the butter back in the fridge when I am done.

Had you eaten the cake prior to his arrival I can see how that would be divorce material. But accidentally putting it in the fridge…? Nah.

As my father said to my mother back in the 70s when she was horrified to see how dilapidated something she’d made looked:

“Honey, we’re not going to look at it, we’re going to eat it.”
23 years this June.

My mother once put a kitten in the refrigerator, although we never did figure that one out. Her reaction when she realized what she had done was hilarious. To relieve everyone’s concern, the kitty was in the refrigerator for no more than thirty minutes and suffered no ill effects.

PunditLisa: I just looked again, and it is pretty bad. Kind of splayed out, like a smashed hat.

But iamphuna’s dad is absolutely right!

[sub]Actually, I’m not going to have more than a courtesy slice. He always wants coffee ice cream. Either that or cookies’n’cream. The two dullest ice-cream flavors on earth (not to include sorbets and so forth).[/sub]

You can’t have your cake and heat it too.

I once opened a cupboard and found a cabbage in it. My husband had put it there.

Then, after using the cabbage later, I put it in the cupboard again.

…and Finagle takes the lead in the 2002 Groaner Award contest!

My mom once put a plastic bag of marshmallows in our (rarely used) upper part of a double oven, thinking that would be a great place to save them for Thanksgiving (she did all the cooking) so we kiddies wouldn’t scarf them down ahead of time.

Then, early Thanksgiving morning, she preheated the oven to get ready to put the turkey in…without peeking first. You can justimagine the resulting stinky mess of melted plastic and carmelized sugar…

At least you didn’t leave the cake out in the rain.:slight_smile:

I don’t think that I can take it! :wink:

'cause it took so long to bake it.

and I’ll never have that recipe
again!!! oh no!!!

I once forgot to put the salsa back in the fridge when I was done with it… which wouldn’t have been too bad, considering that I realized my mistake about 20 minutes later. However, it was too late: my mom had gotten to the kitchen before I did and opened the cupboard. I then had to sit through a lecture about NOT doing that, and about how she was sure that my best friend at the time never did anything lijke that… :rolleyes: (yes, she did things like that all the time, too!)

Then there was the time that I put a bunch of apples and potatoes in the freezer instead of the fridge! :eek: That didn’t go over very well with my mom when she found out!

But I have never put a cabbage in the cupboard… or at least, not yet. [size=1]There, but for the grace of God, go I… hehehehe… just kidding! :smiley: :p[size=1]

Don’t feel so bad. This friend of mine told that his friend’s aunt hired a hippie baby sitter sometime in the 70s. The parents called during their evening out to see how the baby was doing, and the babysitter told them the baby was fine and she had put the turkey in the oven. But a few minutes later the mom remembered that she didn’t have a turkey in the fridge! They rushed home and discovered to their horror that the babysitter, stoned on LSD, had committed an unspeakable act.


She got the munchies, stole some dough out of the bedroom nightstand, and went to the store to buy a turkey with the parents’ money! And with no stuffing. They fired her on the spot.


Now that’s a new twist!

Eva: My mom once left a roasting pan full of fat AND a half-full pizza box in the oven. Then I preheated it, also without looking, to make a coffee cake.