Ice Cream in the pantry???

Who has forgotten what they were doing and done something like put the ice cream in the pantry or something similar? I’ve done things like that bunches of times, but I find it hilarious everytime I think about it. I need a laugh, so I’m asking all of you!

I’ve never left a container of ice cream out to melt, but I have put odd things in the freezer while putting away the groceries. Frozen napkins, anyone? Just a stowaway in the bag - thought it was just stuff needing to be frozen in that sack, so popped the whole thing in and intended to sort it later.

A few weeks ago, someone I know made a bowl of cereal. She then put the milk in the pantry, and didn’t even realize what she had done until she was putting the box of cereal in the fridge. :slight_smile:

Ok…it was my wife. But hopefully she won’t scroll this far down if she ever reads this thread. :smiley:

I once absent-mindedly stashed a head of cabbage in with the pots and pans. When I discovered it a few hours later, I had a good laugh at myself…and put it away with the pots and pans, again.

Because I am a lazy slob who lives by myself, I store my bottle of advil on the small counter in the kitchen, which is directly behind me when I face the refrigerator. One day recently, I went in, took two advil out of the bottle and put the bottle in the freezer, on the door. I realized it fifteen (or so) minutes later when I went to put the Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream back on the door of the freezer.

A while back I was unpacking groceries and in my haste of putting away the canned goods, I put several individual yogurt cups in the cupboard, too. For some reason, a few minutes later it dawned on me what I had done, so the yogurt didn’t have a chance to spoil.

Don’t know if this is the same, but I’ve been known to put a couple of bottles of beer in the freezer (to get them really cold) and then forget about them. That can be a mess, believe me.

While I was making my lunch the other day, I got out the scissors to open the bag of string cheeses. I then carefully put the scissors into the cheese drawers and the bag of cheese into the junk drawer.


A couple of years ago I made a sandwich or two during a commercial break. As the commercials were over I quickly shoved all the stuff (butter, cheese, ham, tomato, juice) back into the fridge and return to watching TV. A few minutes later I realized that the remote was nowhere to be found. Sure enough it was in the fridge. :slight_smile:

This is something I’ve done multiple times. I take out the milk carton, and take out a glass. I pour the milk into the glass. I drink the milk. Then I put the empty glass into the fridge and the milk carton into the sink. Whoops.

My dad has the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and eating. I sometimes think he isn’t really aware that he is doing it. I’ve caught him a few times and I think he is sleepwalking. Anyway, one morning my mom said she found a bowl in the freezer and a melted half gallon of ice cream in the dishwasher.

I’ve found my laundry detergent in the fridge before.

I’ve gone nuts looking for my boots, and eventually found them in the fridge.

My boots.


one night (tired but needing to stay awake) i was making some instant coffee. i boiled the water, put a spoonful of coffee in the cup and proceeded to pour the water into the jar of coffee.

My sister in law once told me that she was on her way to the bathroom, kotex pad in hand, and stopped at the fridge for a drink of water. By the time she found the kotex, it was nicely chilled. :rolleyes:

Which is why the fridge is always the first place I look when I can’t find something. Car keys, for example. :stuck_out_tongue:

A while back I left a book in there.
Last night it was the cordless phone.
I was drunkenly trying to put away a bottle of water, bbq sauce, honey mustard AND put the phone on the base all at once.
Surpised the bbq sauce isn’t full charged yet.

well isn’t that the way you keep batteries fresh? :smiley:


  1. Put apple butter on roll.
  2. Put cereal in bowl.
  3. Take milk from fridge.
  4. ** Pour milk on roll.**


  1. Nuke leftovers.
  2. Answer phone.
  3. Open soup and heat.
  4. Have soup.
  5. ** Discover leftovers in microwave next day.**


  1. Take plate out.
  2. Put meal on plate.
  3. Eat meal.
  4. Put dirty plate in dishwasher ** WITH THE OTHER DIRTY PLATES!**.
  5. ick…

A while back I was furious about how our supply of forks just kept dwindling. I ranted and raved about it on more than one occasion then a dog or raccoon happened to get into our garbage one night. We woke up to find garbage all over the yard and about five forks scattered around as well. I talked to my kids about being more careful when clearing their plates but that night after I threw a paper plate away my husband went right behind me and pulled a fork out of the trash. He caught me twice more before he decided to relieve me of clearing the table after meals. My only excuse is that I was pregnant. And hey, it got me out of that chore.

I’m always ready to put my socks in the garbage and my garbage in the laundry basket but I generally catch myself.

I’ts about twenty years ago now.

I was half asleep, and pregnant, so I guess my brain wasn’t quite up to par! I’d gotten up early to make Mr zoogirl’s lunch and get breakfast. The kitten, Angel, was underfoot so I got the catfood out of the fridge and put some on his plate. That’s when I realized he wasn’t there. I opened the fridge again.

Sure enough, there sat the cat. :rolleyes: