The Contents Of My Pantry... The MMP

I thought it would be of interest to the Cool Kids to know what I have in the way of stuff in my pantry. This is by no means a definitive listing of all my pantry stuff, but most of it. Why a list like this you ask? Well, it’s because somebody was rooting through my pantry looking for some strawberry jelly. Somebody made a comment about how I probably didn’t even know what was in there. Nonsense! Why, it’s even sorta semi organized. My pantry is not huge. I keep canned and bottled stuff in there. Spices, and food stuff in boxes and other types of packaging live in a cabinet over my coffee maker. Plus there’s some stuff in a cabinet over the refrigedaireator in the kitchen.

Without further ado, here’s the list of stuff in my pantry I made especially to share with you:

12 cans of green beans
1 opened and 2 unopened jars of peanut butter, smooth thankyouverymuch
8 cans of cream of chicken soup
6 cans of cream of celery soup
6 cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 bottles of bleu cheese dressing
2 bottles of ranch dressing
7 cans of white acre peas
3 bottles of soy sauce, one opened
3 bottles of Worcestershire (whassishere) sauce, one opened
2 bottles of Dell’s steak sauce
3 bottles of Ketchup, one opened
3 bottles of mustard – I like the squeeze kind
4 cans of turnip greens (seasoned up right they’re almost as good as fresh)
6 cans of chicken noodle soup
6 cans of chicken broth
6 cans of beef broth
8 cans of creamed corn
4 cans of whole kernel corn (I need to go shopping!)
5 cans of tomato sauce
7 cans of whole tomatoes
6 cans of crushed tomatoes
2 cans of salmon
Miscellaneous jars of pickled stuff
Miscellaneous jars of jellies and preserves
Bottles of some other kinds of sauces

A well stocked pantry is very important. Maybe one day I’ll share the contents of the place where I keep paper products, the place where I keep miscellaneous appliances, the cabinet in the garage where I keep other canned stuff and my freezers. Yes I have more than one freezer. Three actually. So, what’s in y’alls pantries?

Without looking, I know there are 3 boxes of raisin bran, 6 cans of pears, 10 cans of sliced mushrooms, 4 cans of cat food, a new jar of mayo, and a can of very stale peanuts that I keep meaning to throw away. There’s more stuff in there, too, like tomato sauce and Jello and flour and sugar and dog food. Most of my veggies are frozen. Oh, and there are paper towels in the pantry.

And I don’t drink coffee, you old fart!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very … revealing OP, Swampy! Are you expecting a major earthquake any time soon? :wink: In all seriousness, though, it is a good idea to have a stock of food supplies like that and you are in the southeastern US where the possibility of a hurricane might take out electricity for days (even weeks!) at a time. I trust that you have them arranged by expiration date, and are tossing things when they reach them. :slight_smile: In the aftermath of hurricane Isabel back in 2003, many people in my area were without power for a week and more (my power was out for 3 days; my cousin down in Tidewater VA was without power for over two weeks!).

Ernesto’s remnants blew through here on Friday night; we lost power for about 6 hours. the weather since has been increasingly beautiful, with lower than normal temps. Yesterday was my son’s 19th birthday, which he celebrated in true 19 yo fashion - partying with his friends. :smiley: Today will probably feature a cook-out.

Still a bit shocked at the death of Steve Irwin (although not really surprised) - he probably died instantly, though, so did not suffer, and died doing what he liked best. My thoughts are with his wife and children.

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It must be Monday…

Wow. I just inventoried my pantry and both freezers. I was going to see about finding a way to put the excel sheet online and share with the boards.

Now there’s a crazy sounding woman screaming in the halls. Odd.

Er…forgot my pantry contents! It’s actually stocked decently right now although not with enough canned goods. There’s a goodly amount of boxed noodles, a couple of jars of marinara/spaghetti sauce as well as a jar of alfredo cheese sauce, canned milk, a couple of jars of sliced mushrooms, several cans of a variety of creamed soups, two jars of peanut butter (one Peter Pan, one “natural” - guess which one is nearly full? ;)), and a variety of other canned food stuff including a jar of refried beans (bought in anticipation of making nachos) and a jar of chopped olives.

I am NOT properly prepared for long-term power loss. :frowning:

I need to clean out my pantry some. Mostly, it’s organized. There’s flour (whole wheat, unbleached white, and White lily for biscuits), oils (canola, olive, sesame), vinegars (balsamic, white balsamic, cider, more), veggies and fruits (vacuum-packed corn and mandarin oranges, mostly, and some mango juice), soups (tomato, Progresso lentil, and a bunch of chicken broth), tomato products (paste, crushed, sauce, salsas), beans (refried pintos, black, cannelini, garbanzos, maybe others), assorted jams and chutneys, little cans of fancy stuff (artichoke hearts, pimentos, black olives, other stuff I’m forgetting), and hiding at the top: wines and hard likker (rum and brandy is all, I think).

I’ve started laundry and have a list of stuff to do today, including getting some work done. House is looking pretty good. My one ambition for today is to re-grout the bathtub. Hopefully I’ll get to it.

Wish my allergies would pipe down. I think the niece and nephew brought cat dander with them. I’ve vacuumed the heck out of the place. Think I’m going to have to wash the futon covers, which weren’t in the plan for today.

Tel, read in the other MMP that you’re thinking of going to Shreveport. Sounds like a wise move if you can get everything done from there without the frustration of living at home.

Love the new sig, FCM.


I don’t have a pantry :frowning: . So I keep all my stuff in the cupboard (also above the coffee maker ((yes I am old FCM)). The only thing of note is a 15-year old can of The Allens Popeye brand spinach. Note that it is not Allens with an apostrophy. I bought it cause I thought is was funny. Yes, it has a picture of Popeye on it.

I have the can here with me… I thought spinich was suppose to be high in iron. According to the lable, one 1/2 cup serving has 10% of the U.S. RDA of iron. Hmf. But check this out; a wopping 112% RDA of vitamin A. No wonder Popeye has such nice skin!

Am I the only one who read “Pantry” in the title w/o the “r”?


This is easy, as the den closet is my pantry. I have the usual; coffee, tea, flour, canned goods, bottled water, and pasta. The top shelf has paper towels and napkins.
It’s also stocked up with “School Lunch Food” for the BiblioSon, who went back to school last week. I have a bunch of applesauce cups, manadrin orange fruit cups, and chips. I had a nice little supply of Tastycakes, but they’ve been disappearing at an alarming rate. I suspect the BiblioHusband and BiblioDaughter are scarfing them down instead. I’m certainly not eating the Tastycakes - like VunderBob, I’m playing Firefighter now, and my turnout pants just fit. I can’t gain a pound. I’ve lost about 10 pounds over the summer, and would like to lose more, so snack cakes are off the menu.

I was here last week - big fire just north of where I live. I wasn’t allowed to ‘play’ yet, so I just sat with the medic crews (I’m an EMT) and watched.
I start my Firefighter 1 class next week. I’m alternating between excitement, nervousness, and feelings of, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?!?”

Arrrr! What’s in your pantry?
10 cans of tuna(Maggie Wonderbeagle likes her meds served with fish)
1 can tropical fruit salad
1 can mandarin oranges
1 can pineapple rings
2 cans Rotel diced tomatos and habaneros
1 can pumpkin
1 can tomato sauce
1 can black olives
1 box kosher salt
1 box oatmeal
1 jar chicken stock
3 packages of Jello
1 bottle of Mirin
1 tube of Wasabi
1 bottle of syrup
1 bottle Tabasco sauce
1 jar wing sauce
1 plastic cup of assorted fast food condiments and Ramen flavor packs

I have more canned goods stashed away in the emergency cooler.

Tara I haven’t lost power since the ice storm of 2002. It took 5 days to get our power back.
I don’t remember my 19th birthday. or my 21st(surprise, surprise).

FCM, no coffee? :eek: I keep my sig updated to bring people to the MMP, too.

Welcome, Blue! Are you at work or at home? Strange women screaming in my hallway would really freak me out. Of course, it’s been so long since I have had a (human)women in the apartment, I might be pleased even if she was screaming. :smiley:
FriarTed, <snerk>

gt I might do the sheets today, the pet dander and hair seems to have filtered down th the fitted sheet. :dubious:

Alatriste My pantry currently contains a toolbox, the broom, dustpan (one of those with the long handle), a mop with its bucket and some hangers. Several of the tools aren’t there, but at my bro’s new flat, on loan. There’s also half a pack of toilet paper - why is 12 rolls the smallest size you can get at a supermarket?

Once I get my closets (should be some time this month), the hangers will move to the closets, the tools to the garage, and the pasta and canned foods to the pantry.

Friday was opening day for the Alatriste movie. It’s based in some of my favourite books, a series by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte whose main character is a soldier and sword-for-hire in 17th century Spain. We went to see it, Lilbro, Mom, myself and two other friends. Since they’ve scrunched the five books together into a single movie, it’s “very terse” (lots of stuff doesn’t get explained, but then, lots of that stuff can be found out by checking a good history book). P-R says he likes it even though some of his favourite scenes from the books are missing; since he’s been perfectly happy to say so when he didn’t like other adaptations of his books, I took that as a good recommendation. The casting is spectacular; the two actors which I think may be familiar to you guys are Viggo Mortensen as Alatriste (he grew up in Argentina) and Ariadna Gil as María de Castro (she was in several Almodovar movies and in Belle Epoque).
In one of the promotional interviews, the director explained that when the swordfight trainer got there, he asked “so, do they kill each other or not?” “oh, yes, yes, they kill each other all the time!” “Hallellujah! I’m sick of doing ballets!” They slip, they fumble, they fight dirty (heck, they fight to win); they’re racists; they’re honest thieves. I already knew beforehand that I was going to buy the DVD; I’d buy it just for the stills.

Would it be dumb to watch it again this same week? Decisions, decisions. There’s a movie theater between work and my place, guess I’ll check out the times.

How the hell did that link end up all the way up top? Any nice mods want to take the first link out?

Good morning, all. Happy Laboring, or non-Laboring as the case may be, for the Murcans amongst us; happy normal boring workday for everyone else.

My pantry is filled with pretty much the same thing as everyone else’s – lots of soups, pastas, sauces, etc. I do have a nice assortment of quick curries for lunch, miso soup, Community Coffee New Orleans Blend, (of course; thank heaven for buying stuff off the internet, we’d have severe withdrawal without our CC NOB), HP Sauce (bought in bulk before I moved back to the DC area where you can find any foodstuff from anywhere in the world), and assorted Cajun spices and seasonings and filé and even that cheater stuff, instant roux (a great addition to a casserole, hot dish for you Minnesotans, to add some great spicy flavor without a lot of heat). Oh, and cashew butter for Papa T. The dogs and I are quite happy with extra chunky Jif. :smiley:

Speaking of the dogs, their hearts are broken this morning. Papa T. took them on their usual early morning trip to the Best Place in the World, and it was still closed due to high water and nasty currents. Stoopid Ernesto. Broke their little hearts. Until they came home and ate breakfast, of course; if I ever want to learn to live in the now, all I have to do is imitate my dogs. Except for eating dog food from a bowl on the floor and stuff cause that’s just yucky.

Since I didn’t get back to the old MMP, I want to say, rigs, I’m really sorry about your daughter’s car getting broken into. That sucks.

My pantry? This may take a while. I don’t really have a pantry- I have a cupboard, a spice cabinet (made out of the old-fashioned ironing board holder) and a set of wire shelves for dry goods.

Canned soups, various- we only eat them when we’re sick so it’s mostly chicken noodle
Canned diced tomatoes
A can of young coconut I bought somewhere
Mexican hot chocolate
Canned sliced beets. Why? I don’t like beets
Eighteen million types of tea including Trader Joe’s Chai powder
Baba ganouj
Lots of different types of pasta
Canned salmon
Chipotles in adobo
Custard powder
Ginger drink
Pasta sauce
Tikka masala sauce
Canned black beans and chickpeas
Balsamic and red wine shallot vinegars
Two types soy sauce
Pomegranate molasses
Roasted sesame oil
Truffle oil (TJ’s)
Fish sauce
Interesting flours
A huge bag of chocolate chips
Peanut butter
Fruit cups
Granola bars
Cocoa almonds
Dried beans
Extra spices
Panko crumbs
Cashew butter
Granola bars
Dried fruit

I may have missed some things.

I will tell Quasi-Daughter she has to marry Driving Husband so as not to confuse a bunch of my internet friends. That’ll definitely be a good argument.

I have an incoveniently deep and tall cupboard next to the fridge with an upper and lower section - the lower going from floor to about eye level, the upper continuing to the sophit/facia. It does not have the lovely and easily accessible pull out shelves, oft seen on Good Eats and in other classy kitchens, so if I want to know what’s behind something, I have to pull cans and boxes and bottles out. I cannot provide a full inventory, but I know in general it contains
several cans of soup - assorted varieties
assorted salad dressings, unopened
(btw swampy, why aren’t your open condiments in the fridge where they belong?)
assorted plastic wraps, bags, and foils
assorted canned veggies
a couple of boxes of pasta
some jars of sauce
several boxes of tea bags, assorted flavors

Back from errands.

No, I don’t drink coffee. Never got into it. I get my caffeine the natural way - Diet Coke! :smiley:

Incidentally, I have a really great pantry - and I don’t say that just because I designed it myself. But it’s wide and shallow and lighted, and lots more cluttered than in the photo.

Off now to pack pots. While we were running around, I bought some tissue paper and some wrapping paper and a couple of plastic tablecloths. I swear, I’m going to have to sell $500 worth of stuff just to break even. Wonder if I could get $100 per pot?? (yeah, right)

Good morning everyone!

First off, rigs, I was sorry to read about the break-in to your daughter’s car. I’m glad she wasn’t hurt, though. I’m doubly glad there weren’t credit/debit cards and cash in her purse.

My pantry is very large and stuff full. I’m not going to list each item separately, but below is the main stuff.

Several jars of marinara sauce.
Several cans of tomato paste
Several cans of tomato puree.
Several cans of tomatoes.
Several cans of tomatoe sauce.

Several boxes of and bags of various styles of pasta.

A few boxes of various flavors of Near East Cous-cous
A few bags of medium grain and long grain white rice.
A couple bags of barley
A bag of brown rice.

Two boxes of Ghiradelli super chocolatey brownie mix.

A jazillion botttles of herbs and spices.

Three bottles of balsamic vinegar.

Extra virgin and the yellow olive oil.

A few bottles of vegetable oil.

A couple of bags of flour

A couple of boxes of cornstarch.

A couple of quart size containers of sugar.

Several bags of Knorr gravy mix (for when I’m feelin’ lazy)

A big box of instant mashed taters from Costco. I can’t remember the brand, but they’re the closest to homemade I’ve ever run across.

Several jars of peanut butter.

A couple of jars of jelly.



Dog treats.

Oatmeal (various kinds both instant and slow cook).

Several jars of salsa

Several bottles of Worcestshire sauce.

Several cans of both chicken and beef broth.

A couple of boxes of Bisquick.

Several cans of various types of soups.

Chips of various sorts.

Top ramen



Unopened lemon juice.

Various meat rubs and marinades.

My broom, my Swiffer wet jet.

Garbage bags.

Hmmmm, that’s all I can remember.

Today’s plans call for boating. Our great-niece stayed the night last night so she could come out with us.

Our other niece and possibly a nephew are going to meet us. A neighbor or two are coming as well.

It should be fun.

Last night’s dinner was very thick grilled rib-eye steaks, baked taters with the fixin’s, and veggies.

Then we went to our friend’s house with a very nice cake I’d purchased for the husband part of the duo, and ice cream. We sang Happy Birthday to the neighbor and socialized with him and his wife until fairly late. We also got to know their new greyhound. They went through a rescue organization to adopt him. He’s just a big love, but severely underweight. He’ll fill out soon enough.

We came home around midnight and I went to bed. Where I couldn’t sleep due to some obnoxious and irresponsible pet owners who would not bring their barking dog in. I lay there for two and a half hours. Finally, I yelled out the window to shut the effin’ dog up. Thirty seconds later, no barking dog. :mad: :dubious:

Have a nice day all, if I don’t get back.

Oooh, FCM, I love your pantry!

I forgot all the different types of sugar and couscous and sesame seeds and rice and dulce de leche and stuff. Oh, well.

Just had breakfast, and in a fit of MMP inspiration, I’m going to do a sweep of my pantry and shelves, and say to myself, “Self, do I really need this?”. I will also bake a sponge cake out of Laurie Colwin’s very beautiful cookbook, More Home Cooking, and put berries and whipped cream on it…