Where'd my freezer bags go? Arrgghh!

I HATE when this happens! I was cooking earlier today and was getting ready to put some of the food in the freezer after it cooled. I went to the pantry, opened the door, got out my brand-new box of Ziploc freezer bags, started walking back towards the stove and the phone rang.
This is when things fuzzy. I went to answer the phone and must have put the box of freezer bags down somewhere, but I don’t remember where!! I’ve looked everywhere! They aren’t in any of the logical places, like the kitchen countertop or on the table. I looked in the bedroom on the dresser where the phone is–no freezer bags. I even looked in every other room of the house in case the bags magically teleported themselves to another location. No luck.
I am seriously considering looking behind the dryer at this point, as this is the location of some missing socks and occasionally missing underwear and once even a missing toothbrush (although we blame the cat for that).

Anyone have any thoughts as to where my missing freezer bags might have gone to?

Did you absentmindedly put them in the freezer? :smiley:

On top of the fridge.

I once found a box of Tampons in the fridge.

I once found my remote in the fridge.

They’re (the Ziploc freezer bags) probably sitting next to my red Christmas sweatshirt, which I distinctly remember getting out of the storage closet, because I wanted to wear it this week.

Have no idea where I put it.

Damn forget-spells hovering in the doorways…

I once found a tiny fridge in a giant box of Ziploc freezer bags.
Have you checked the dryer? Sometimes I find those missing socks there.

looks embarassed
Well, I found them. They were in the kitchen pantry! Apparently, I put them back in there at some point while I was talking on the phone.
Sheesh! Well, at least I didn’t put my shampoo in the freezer as I’ve done before (I was talking on the phone while absentmindedly putting up groceries).
I am, however, perfectly capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time so you’d think I’d master the art of talking on the phone while doing something else. :wink: