I work for the man.

I just moved in to the most wonderful little beach cottage imaginable. Sadly, the rent, of which I am responisble for half of, is $1,200 a month. That means that this is not going to be a summer of fun- this is going to be a summer of slave labor.
I am unqualified to do anything except for stuff that I hate (data entry, anyone?).
I looked and looked. Then, on a whim, I applied at Blockbuster video, mostly because they had a wierd electronic hiring system. They gave me a job. So now, I, Evensven, indy film girl, commie, misanthrope, work for the man. I work as a small cog in the big evil force of multinational corporations. I am an enabler. I don’t know if I can continue to live with myself.
So everyday now, I get to take out my peirceings, put on some khakis, and trudge over to a florescently lit building to slave away at just over minimum wage to make somebody else even richer. Ugh! Values sure are hard things to maintain when you have a belly to feed.

I just thought of something- at least I’m not a telemarker!

Join the club.

That’s life in the 21st century.

Although your idealism isn’t bad, I must say. Just unrealistic.

By the way, just for my own personal information, how old are you? I’m curious as to why your idealism hasn’t been beaten out of you like it has for the rest of us.




Seriously, I know I must sound like I make money or something, but it IS a perfect site for slave jobs.

Hell, evensven . . . at least you don’t work for the government.

…or any utilities. :o

…or AOL/Time Warner/Netscape/Winamp/whomever’s for lunch next week…

Ideals are fine until someone has to buy dinner.

No one escapes the tyrany of an empty belly. No shame in meeting your needs.

You should drown your sorrows at the next Bay Area Dopefest. If Doobieous can crawl up here every now and then, why not you, too?


[sub]pezpunk hangs his head in shame and cries[/sub]

Take it from the most bloodthirsty, red flag-waving, revolutionary, pinko commie on the boards (me):

The best way to bring the system down is from within!

— G. Raven

*Originally posted by pezpunk *

Ahhhh, c’mere, I’ll buy you an Arctic Red and we can whine about how we never read Dilbert, we LIVE it.

And hey, evensven?

Aren’t you on a secret mission from the Anarchy Forever Organization, infiltrating the sacred bastions of The Man in order to collect vitally needed information for the resistance? That way, when you speak about the way The Man grinds you down and attempts to make you over into another mindless corporate drone, you HAVE BEEN THERE. Unlike many others in the movement…

Hi, my name is Tracey, and I work for…(choke, sniff) an Oil and Gas company. I never planned for it to happen this way; I was just, you know, foolin’ around, working at an office here, an office there, you know, no hard stuff. I thought “I can quit anytime.” Nobody thinks it can happen to them. “I’m too smart for that.” “It only happens to losers. I’m not a loser.” Well, that’s what I thought too. You don’t realize how far in you are until it’s too late. It’s too late for me, but it’s not too late for you, even sven! Save yourself! Run! Run like the wind!

And the winner of the most appropriate, unintentional sig line is…

My first job out of college was at Community Legal Services in Philly, a non-profit outfit that provided legal representation to the poor. In my branch office, white males were a distinct minority, and I was just about the only one without a connection to the oppressed in our society (two were married to black women, and the other one was blind). Naturally, I got a lot of ribbing as “the Man”.

My response: “Someday, you are ALL going to work for me!!”


You’re making enough at BlockBuster to pay $600 in rent? Did I read that right? That seems incredible.

That isn’t funny. Some of us happen to work for the government. Although it doesn’t appear that way directly, my paycheck is given to me by the man.

Morrison’s L:

Brother Raven, meet Oldscratch. Sorry, bud, but I think he’s got you beat.
The Mighty Tiki God:

Not the emphasis in my first post. Sho’nuff, I work for defeated legislator cum Secretary of Energy Spence Abraham.

Wonder if I’m part of any vast conspiracies these days?

What the fuck am I, chopped liver?!

even sven, welcome to the dialectic of tactics and principles. You can hold on to your principles even while working for The Man, whether it be at Blockbuster or over here in the federal government.

Allow me to second White Lightning’s surprise. Are you actually living off what wages you make at Blockbuster or do you have some money saved up to help? Seems to me you’d be using your whole paycheck for rent if you didn’t.

huh. Liver. Red. Yeah, I get your little code, ya damn pinko punk.
(didn’t mean to leave anyone out, merely wanted to show that there are others in the running for the “SDMB Slavering Commie” award)