I would like to find a list for the little shortcuts on the keyboard....

Could anyone please point me to a list of all those little shortcuts for things like the degree mark. alt 0716 = ° . I had a list many years ago, it allowed me to put in an actual percentage sign instead of 0/0 or 1/2 cup. I haven’t seen one of those lists for a long time. Anyone got the scoop? Thanks!

Being from the US, I use the international US keyboard layout, which you can set on your computer. It has most of the nifty symbols I use in everyday typing.

I just use the character map {Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map}. It will let you copy and paste symbols as well as showing the ascii shortcut.

From (Distributed Proofreading):

Printable pdf table of shortcuts (Windows)
Printable pdf table of shortcuts (Apple Mac)

Thank you **t-bonham@scc.net ** (sets off to play with the little ™ & § symbols.)
Also thanks erislover for the suggestion, but without a map, I would never be able to use that. I screw around with the computer enough just to keep it running.
Rhubarb I found it! Belive it or not, I do remember using this thing. Now how did I forget that? Thanks all.