w3!rd §ymbol§


there are a few random ones…i got them by pressing ALT+(some numbers on the keypad) anyone know any good ones? i’ve been trying to figure out the ^2 one for a while…


look for your character map on your computer. I found mine by going to Programs, Accessories, System Tools. Course, I’m assuming you have Windows 98.


Aaaaaah, I love Macs, weird symbols are just an option key away…

I wonder if these will show up?


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Yes, Start > Programs > Accessories and then possibly >system tools will have Character Map… a very handy little thing. You can also get bigger, better character map programs online… but anyway, it will show you exactly what keys to hit to get every symbol that is available, in every single font on your system. There isn’t any mystery to it.

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Go to the tutorial in my sig. There’s tons of symbols you can try out.

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