I would like to go to the Canary Islands around September. Tell me how.

The wife and I would like to spend a week or two in the Canary Islands around September. We are thinking of flying in to Barcelona, spending a couple of days there, and then hopping on a plane to the Islands.

Has anyone here done a trip like that and have any advice on what to see/avoid?

For starters and since there are many other people who have given advice on Barcelona, I suggest a search for that in the boards. September is not the best time to be there, as if you happen to hit gota fría you’ll be walking around in a freaking shower all the time. This is more likely to happen in the second half of the month.

Vueling (Iberia’s cheap sister) has direct flights from Barcelona to the Canaries.

As to what to see/avoid in the Isles themselves, sorry but I have to ask the usual question: what are you interested in? Would a nature park be interesting or not? History? Camel tours? Beaches I expect you do want to enjoy. Personally I think Lanzarote has a lot more varied Stuff To See than Tenerife, but Tenerife gets a lot more beach-and-sun tourists.

Lanzarote tourist office.

Canary islands tourist office.

Good to know. We were really thinking of the Canaries as the main event, and Barcelona as more of a “we’re heading that way anyway so let’s make a stopover”. (We were originally considering a cruise that would leave out of there, but decided that cruises aren’t for us). Are there any cities in the area that are particularly nice that time of year?

I’ve flown Vueling before out of Sicily. There was an awesome husky puppy on the flight who got many cuddles from my wife while we were waiting to board. Unfortunately I don’t think Vueling has a puppy guarantee. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for beach and sun, while the wife is more of a hiker. She would certainly like to summit Teide, so I guess that puts us on Tenerife for at least part of the stay. Nature park, Camel tours, and museums all seem interesting to me.

(Also coffee shops are obligatory, especially if they serve Cafe con Panna :slight_smile: ).

Just yesterday I noticed that the low-cost transatlantic carrier WOW now has flights to Gran Canaria and Tenerife. They also fly to Barcelona, but combining the Canaries with Barcelona on WOW wouldn’t be convenient, because all their flights connect through their hub at Keflavik, Iceland.