Ice Cream Headaches

You’re eating ice cream, a little too fast, when suddenly you get that sharp pain. I think most people call it “Brain Freeze” but I get the pain in the hollow just behind my right ear! My hubby gets the pain in his shoulder!

When you eat ice cream too fast, where do you feel your “brain freeze”?

Leslie Irish Evans

I never get an ice cream headache, BUT I get it from a Slurpee(?) [from the 7-11]. And I always get the pain right in the centre of my forehead.

Center of the forehead, right between the eyes. Ow. Sooooo worth it, though.

Temples, Jawbone, Forehead.

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What’s odd is that sometimes I can down an entire Slurpee without getting one, yet on other occasions I get struck down with a stabbing pain after each sip.

Right in the top of my head. Interesting side note to get rid of it quickly. Push on the roof of your mouth with your tongue, right at the soft pallet.

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I don’t know what sinuses are, but it feels to me that’s where it hits. Behind my eyes.

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My entire head explodes…

Yer pal,

When I get brain freezes it feels as if my head were bifurcated veritcally in the exact middle with continual pressure pushing out.


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Right behind the eyes. And the tongue-on-the-roof-of-the-mouth thing doesn’t work for me!

Seldom with ice cream – often with icees, a Slurpee-like thing they sell across the street here. But they have the best cherry flavoring – it’s almost worth it.

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Left back side of my head …and I get 'em from eating ice cream or drinking any frozen drink too fast.