Ice Shove

Number 2,946,277 under Things I Don’t Have to Worry About in Thailand is the ice shove. Criminy! I’ve never heard of these things before. Do these occur often?

Huh, I grew up in Minnesota and I’ve never heard of it. Granted I was in southern Minnesota, so not really lake country.

That’s not so unusual around here. Granted, it’s a lakefront phenomenon, but people with docks or boathouses are aware of such things. They’re not particularly common. We were more surprised by the icequakes a few weeks ago, after the ice storm.

After looking at the video, I’ll say that that is an unusually large one. It reminds me of a video I’d seen of the edge of a lava flow in Hawaii.

Some people call it an “ice heave”.

It looks similar to glacier movement but wind instead of gravity is the driving force. We might be witnessing the first steps of the next ice age?

Wow, never heard of that before, thanks for the link Siam Sam!

Whoa. WTF! That was awesome.

There are worse things to worry about in the frozen wastelands.

Isn’t there a scene in Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth where a guy’s complaining about the glacier getting closer every day? If not, there should be. That’s what that reminded me of.

What in the bloody hell?! Its like the Blob was a hunk of ice and started attacking!

Interestingly, at the end of that video there was a link to another video showing footage of the 2004 tsunami, one of the 2,946,277things you do have to worry about in Thailand!

That’s amazing! Thanks for the cool video, have it saved in ‘bookmarks’ folder.

I haven’t decided if that looks like some a monster out of Doctor Who, or some kind of frost spell from World of Warcraft, but it makes me glad I live in California.

I doubt it. I remember the harsh winters of the late 1970s, and that was a common notion then. Didn’t pan out.

Not in Bangkok, heh! :cool: (Although the earthquake that sparked the 2004 tsunami did vibrate our windows here. )

Well, you’ve got street protests though. Not too much of that in Minnesota. At least not since the lutefisk shortages of the early '70s. Minnesotans were understandably a bit on edge back then.

Here in Southern California we’ve been ice shove and tsunami free for as long as I can remember, and have enough lutefisk to comfortably cover demand (i.e., none). But, yeah, there is that earthquake thing.

But you don’t remember any ice shoves back then.

I grew up on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin and ice shoves happened every year. They usually made some pretty cool icebergs that would hang around into the spring.

Here’s a recent news videoshowing Winnebago ice shoves threatening homes (and featuring some great Wisconsin accents).