Iceland Spar (sunstone) question

I hasten to add that “because it’s mine” isn’t that lame a story, provided it’s well written. Ultimately, why does Thorin want to fuck up Smaug, why does the Arkenstone cause such a fuss ? Because fuck everything, it’s mine.

That. Is. Awesome.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Anyone willing to actually read this? It’s a YA clockpunk Norse fantasy.

I think I would enjoy it! It isn’t something I’m very familiar with, so my opinion wouldn’t be very informed, but perhaps the opinion of someone new to the genre would have some value to you.

I’ll PM it to you when I’m further along.

Morwen, I would also be interested in reading it and give you my opinion (if the opinion of a non-native speaker of English whose only qualifications for this would be a great love for fantasy and the less-travelled *punk genres were to be of any value to you, that is :slight_smile: )

I dabble in steampunk lit & would also be interested in reading it, Morwen

Thanks JoseB and Politzania.

Mixing cultures and stealing blatantly here, but why would that be a bad thing.

Think of classic Celtic art like the Book of Kells at its curly-wurly amazingly intricate best. What if a carved stone, something like the Kensington Rune Stone, but not, was found with similar Celtic design in the middle of somewhere problematic - Chechnya, Palestine, the British Museum. Most people think its just decorative but a few smarties realise that hidden among the writhing calligraphy is a map.

Perhaps it needs the unique optical properties of that specific stone, mounted in a particular way [like a jewel headpiece of a Staff of Ra, but not] on a particular day to channel lights onto those intricate loops and swirls, in order to lead you to the greatest treasure of all!!!

And the only thing to add could be that the crazed zillionaire this time could be Icelandic, which means most likely a woman with a cracking surname, who makes her fortune selling illegal cod to third world countries, and was wanted by the British for fish crimes during the Cod War. And that’s why there’s also a sexy MI5 agent in pursuit.

Good luck with it and I’ll settle for a percentage.


The stone itself, while valuable, isn’t the primary target. It’s the stone’s decorative metal base…

…which turns out to be made of Hesperium. About 9 kg worth.

Good suggestion thanks!

Where does the assumption that the story is urban fantasy come from?

When you said the cast was going to “plan and carry out an elaborate heist.” That pretty much set me, at least, to thinking “Mission: Impossible” and modern heist movies. So, if there is a fantasy element, and a modern heist element, that’s Urban Fantasy.

Your initial explanation referred to the principal action as a “heist”, which suggests a caper story. While it’s not universal, caper stories tend to be urban and, if not modern, at least in a setting where a measure of technology is expected. Since you specified that the story is fantasy, people may be putting the two together to get “urban fantasy”.

What you seem to be going for is a dungeonpunk caper, which is likely to have technological or technomagical elements: traps and alarms, construct guards, and the like. To be fair, that would not be out of place in an urban fantasy.

Let me propose an alternative scenario: the MacGuffin isn’t actually especially valuable. Some kind of shadowy manipulator type villain has access to a steady supply of them, but realizes that if he were to sell them openly their value would plummet. So, he starts spreading rumors that the MacGuffin has special properties or whatever. Preferably something that would make people want to own one, like that they improve health or longevity or something like that. These rumors would get people interested in it, but obviously would fall apart upon close investigation. He hires a group of protagonists to steal it. His hope is that when word gets out that the MacGuffin has been the target of an elaborate heist, people will immediately assume the rumors must be true. At that moment, he plans to use back channels to simultaneously unload his supply on as many wealthy collectors as possible at massively inflated prices. By the time everyone realizes the items are worthless, he’ll have already disappeared with a fortune.

Basically, the goal of the heist isn’t actually to retrieve the MacGuffin, but rather to convince people that the MacGuffin is WORTH stealing and the protagonists are in the dark.

So something like this?

Oh. OK. It’s actually more of a dungeonpunk Norse caper.

At the risk of giving you all my good ideas…

Why don’t you just have the Goonies reuniting at someone’s 50th birthday? Reminiscing about the good old days inevitably leads to one of them mentioning Iceland Spar. Adventure, excitement and hilarity ensue.

Sean Astin and Josh Brolin are bankable actors. If you need to, one of them could be a vampire with ethical issues as well.