I need a holiday. Having just had to cough up for a car I can’t afford much, but I thought a jaunt to Iceland would be interesting. Is this a good time of year to visit? I’m interested in the hot springs, the icefields, the local history, that sort of thing. I’d also like to go whale-watching. I’ve heard that alcohol is pretty expensive but I’m not a heavy drinker.

Never been, but I know enough to say that everything is expensive. It’s reputed to be second to Japan for expensive tourism - Lonely Planet suggests camping as the one way to do it on a budget.

I’ve only been to the airport, but once I get some extra money and time I really want to take a trip there to ride the Icelandic Horses. They offer all sorts of trips from an hour trail ride to week-long treks where you can herd sheep. Sounds like fun (if you like to ride).

I went many many years ago (1977) but still have fond memories.

Really nice people, a landscape that is unlike anything you have ever seen before and I felt like I was in some Tolkein land.

I think you will like it a lot, but don’t wait too long as I believe it sort of gets dark around winter…like 20 hours a day or something? Still…you should go.
If I ever had the chance, I would go back without a second’s hesitation.

Wait until you take that bus ride from Keflavik (the airport) to Rekyavik (probably spelled both cities incorrectly)…you feel like you are on the moon…and then suddenly Rekyavik appears out of nowhere. And yeah, it is a bit pricey, but if you Google there are some great inexpensive hostels, and some really affordable B&B’s. And even though booze is really pricey, you have to hit one of the nightclubs at least once…just to see the most beautiful people partying up a storm!

Icelandair, the primary (if not only) air carrier to Iceland, has a variety of airfare/hotel package deals. There are also several tour operators based in Reykjavik that run a variety of day trips to notable sites. Most people speak English better than the average American, and they are friendly and helpful to tourists. Meals in modest restaurants are quite expensive by U.S. standards, but most other expenses are manageable, and may even be a little less than in some countries in Western Europe. But check the weather before you go; I’ll bet it starts to get cold pretty soon.

I’ve heard the horses there are amazing. They’re smaller than other horses and have cleats on their shoes so that they will not slip on the ice. They also have a special gait. If you can, try to go riding while there.