Iconic parts of video games you missed on your own.

I was just thinking about Baldurs Gate years ago. My first play-through(to be honest the idea of a second play-through only hit me slightly previously on fallout)

I loved the game, but it was pretty tough, but I carefully avoided spoilers and made it all by myself, and thought I had done a very good job searching everything possible. Once i was done I was satisfied and put it away and started Evercrack. After a while reminiscence threads started popping up, and the most referenced thing was Minsc and Boo. Who the hell were Minsc and Boo? And why did I have no memory of this thing?

Well after piecing it together from internet info I had a vague recollection of it, Some crazy ass dude threatening me if I didn’t go safe his Witch. Well I had a world to save, and no time for time for that jackass, so he opened his mouth, we fought, and I killed him, and went on through the game. In retrospect it would have been much easier with a descent good aligned tank, but I completely missed that he was intended to be it. I did things better on a second run through and caught up with the rest of the world.

Anybody else have computer games where only after you finish and talk to other people did you realize after completion that you had missed the best/most memorable part?

In Fallout 2, evidently, there are all of these great New Reno quests. They can have you working for mobsters, starring in a porno, etc…, and I missed all of them, being content to drive all over the wastelands with Vic, Cassidy, and Sulik. Marcus was great, right up until he sprayed the party with an Avenger. Anyway, if you play Fallout 2 —and you should, it’s great—you might want to investigate New Reno a little

Edit: oh I did the exact same thing with Minsc (and Vicky, too), my first time through. I roared reading your post.,

I similarly killed one of the potential party members in the Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer expansion. He was being a jerk, and it didn’t occur to me that he might join me.

I missed probably 60% of Chrono Trigger the first time I played it.

I fought Lavos as soon as it let you…and got my ass kicked…many times.

I grinded as best as the game would let you, stocked up on as many healing, mana, and back to life potions as possible, and actually managed to beat him.

I had no idea that you could travel to Zeal, or get wings for the Epoch, or get Magnus in your party, etc…

I may be misremembering, but I thought you could theoretically challenge Lavos before you even got Marle. Are you talking about that, or something slightly later? Because I don’t think you can grind or buy items at that point.

I tried out for the porno, but they said I wasn’t flexible enough. I have slept with one of the mobster’s wife and daughter (not at the same time).

Only after you’ve already gotten through the game at least once, which presumably means Chrono has a few extra levels, skills, and equipment.

The earliest you can fight Lavos in a fresh game is after you already have 4 party members to chose from. That’s after you go to the apocalyptic future the first time, so you theoretically don’t even have to get the Epoch at all or even travel to the prehistoric era or even really encounter Magus.

First time I played Knights of the Old Republic 2, I must have skipped a shop because I never got to re-activate HK-47.

Baldur’s Gate 2 : were it not for some prep work I did recently for the upcoming re-release, I would never have known about the Sahuagin city. What the hell ?! Is this a real thing ?

GTA 3 : I played the game a *lot *back when it came out. Never knew about the hookers at the time.

Fallout 2 : what’s a Broken Hills ?

In the original Halo, I apparently missed about half of the “Assault on the Control Room” level. Apparently at one point you’re supposed to open the door onto a bridge, where several Elites and Grunts are waiting. The Elites jump into Banshees (flying fighter craft), you have a battle and fight your way across the bridge, down to the bottom of the valley, across to the pyramid, then proceed level by level up to the top, where you finally enter the control room. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour to do it that way.

Without realizing I wasn’t supposed to do it this way, I would rush onto the bridge, shoot the Elites in the face, swipe one of the Banshees, and fly directly to the top of the pyramid, bypassing a good chunk of the gameplay.

Shadowrun on Sega. I played the whole game without jacking into the computer network. That’s about 1/3 of the game right there.

Portal: I never got my cake.

I wouldn’t worry. It was a lie.

Fallout New Vegas. I took immediate umbrage at Vulpes Inculta at Nipton and managed to slaughter him and his patrol.

I was literally leaving town 10 minutes after that when the first Caesar’s Legion assassin squad materialized in front of me.

You could say I missed playing that game free of semi-random murder attempts every couple of days by groups of four well-armed attackers of significantly higher level and better gear than me.

It got to be almost tedious. <fast travel> “Oh, look, Legion assassins.”

After I got to the point where I could routinely survive those encounters they turned out to be a pretty good money maker.

I had no idea you could just let Vulpes go and deal with him later. “He’s a dirty insulting mass-murdering slaver! RRRRRAAAAAGGGGE!”

Yeah, I guess it wasn’t AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because I did go to the prehistoric time and then fight Magus…I think it was right after I did that. I must have missed some dialogue or cut scene or something that said what to do next, so I was like “well…defeated Magus, I guess it’s time for Lavos!”