Icons, IE, etc.

I want to be able to make my own icons so that I can change the recycle bin etc. I’m pretty sure how to do this in the registry, but I don’t have anything good to replace it with.

Does anyone know if their is a way to convert .jpeg, .gif, or .bmp into .ico? Would that do the trick?

Or can anyone suggest a good (shareware) icon creation pack?

And finally, I would also like to be able to change that little animation in IE. I’m sick of the spinning globe. Any ideas how to make the .bmp to change that? Anyone have an example or something. I know it needs to be a bmp 38x380 but I don’t know how to animate it.


A Yahoo! search on “icon and .ico” brought up a bunch of hits that seemed to link to offers of free icons and one or more programs that would allow you to create your own.

To make your own icons, just make a 32x32 pixel image in Paint and save it with the .ico extension.

IIRC, the IE branding bitmaps are just several “frames” stacked vertically. The first frame is shown when no activity is occurring and the frames are cycled when activity is taking place. They can be either 22 or 38 pixels wide and as many frames tall as you want.