Icons on my taskbar

I restarted my computer because some pages weren’t displaying correctly. Now several desktop icons are fixed to my taskbar. They’re large and annoying, and I can’t get rid of them.

Win 10, not upgradable. Anyone know what to do?

Did you ‘right click’ on them to see if they became pinned?

First thing I tried

What are they icons for? Third party apps or Windows things?

My desktop apps: OneDrive, My docs, This PC, Libraries, Network (which I don’t have at home), Control Panel, Trash Basket & some folders.

Se what happens when you right click on one of these icons? No menu appears? The menu appears but “unpin from taskbar” doesn’t work? The menu appears but you see “pin to taskbar” instead of “unpin from taskbar”? Something else?

Did you enable the Desktop toolbar? If so, right-click on the toolbar and select toolbars. Is the one labeled Desktop checked?

Thank you, Dewey, that was it. I don’t know how I did it. It’s a pretty old laptop that does glitchy things from time to time, including resetting itself, and once in a while when it does this, and setting changes, albeit, I can usually return it to the previous setting easily. Could not figure this out!