ID 2001 Ford F150 Transmission

The sticker on drivers door says it’s a 4R70W but the junkyards are saying there is another code on the transmission itself. The truck is for a friend’s son and I don’t have access to it, I need to call him and tell him where it is at. I am out with his dad looking around the yards this morning Any guidance would help.

Try this link,
Did you give the VIN to the salvage yard ??
is the pan a deep pan? measure pan hight.
Is the F150 4WD or 2WD?
Google 4R70W Images and there is a lot of information.
Good luck

Apparently the transmission is from a 97 Ford with a 14 bolt pan (light duty). That is, it’s not the one that came with the truck. I’m advising my friend to just buy the motor now and figure out the transmission when they get the old motor and tranny broke down.

It might be different where you are located, but when i had a tranny fail i removed it and brought it in to the repair shop and then re-installed it. A job that would have cost $1500 (at the time) cost me under $400. of course i did not figure in any of my time but, hey it was Mine anyway.
A few years ago i didn’t have the time to pull one and hired it done and picked up a salvaged tranny and it only lasted 3 months.
I believe the best option is to have the bad one repaired in most cases.
Or pick up a salvaged one and have it rebuilt, or at least looked at by a tranny man.