ID a foreign movie for me?

I caught part of this non-English, subtitled movie summer of 2004; somehow a 30-ish looking woman winds up isolated or stranded w/ two men in a snowy or arctic setting for over a year or more. The three of them share a shack and their bed, she eventually has a baby and not caring who the father is they are all happy. I seem to recall one man is 20-ish, the other 40-ish and maybe they’re soldiers? They don’t get along at first. The older man reminds me of Stellan Skarsgard in my mental image of him.
Any thoughts?

It might be a Russian movie I saw a few years ago, but whose name I don’t remember. The old guy is Soviet and the young guy is a Finn who was drafted into the SS? It’s the closing days of WWII, and his German handlers chain him to a rock and abandon him in the middle of nowhere (Karelia, I think it was)? The old guy shoots him just as they’re dropped some leaflets saying that the war is over (the plane crashes and the two babes inside are killed)? The young chick lives in a dugout (Lappish, I think, with reindeer) and nurses both of them when they need it? (Don’t recall her having a baby, though, but it’s possible.)

As I say, I don’t remember the title, but this should be enough to maybe identify it?


Lookit dat dere! Thank you! I misremembered the baby part, not surprising in so many years.
I appreciate the help!

From reading the synopsis, it sounds like she gets a “memento” at the end after all. :wink:

Indeed! But I didn’t see the end, so probably the friend whose house we were at told me later. I guess the Russian guy doesn’t look as much like Stellan as I thought. Still, both pretty craggy-looking.
It’s a good movie, I’m going to see if Netflix has it.