ID a movie, please

It had an actor who reminds me of Phillip Roth–but apparently it was not him.
There’s a scene where his wife(?) is eating grapes w/o washing them first.
The husband objects. The wife sarcastically claims that she is trying to slowly commit suicide by eating unwashed grapes.
He divorces her and ends up marrying another woman.
The rub is that after he marries the new wife she reveals that she has no intention of being monogamous.

I watched it in the early aughts.
I think it came out in the late 90s.

TIM Roth, not Philip Roth.

Yeah, it’s pretty vague. But it’s about all I remember.

Do you remember the exact line about the grapes? Some googling isn’t getting me anything except A Street Car Named Desire references*, I assume it wasn’t that.

*“I shall die from eating an unwashed grape”

The best I can remember, it involved the word “suicide” and “grapes”.
I think it also involved the word or some word similar to “slowly”

I really thought the guy was Tim Roth.
But TR’s not done any movie whose synopsis seems similar.

Assuming it’s not What’s Eating Gilbert Grape then I don’t know. I think Tim Roth is a great actor and I’d remember this if it was in one of his movies that I saw. Roth does resemble other actors so maybe your ID is off. Digressing here, I thought Roth would have been perfect to play the Green Goblin in Spiderman 2 and 3 and I was disappointed with Dafoe.

Don’t recognize the movie. Sorry.

Slight tangent: my mom can be quite shameless when she wants to make a point. She once saw a couple, seated in front of her at a sporting event, eating grapes right out of a supermarket bag. She tapped one on the shoulder and said, “I wouldn’t do that without washing, if I were you. I used to be a cropduster [not true], and you wouldn’t believe the chemicals we sprayed on them.” The couple hastily put away their grapes.

To this day, people in my family refer to my mom as “the retired cropduster.”

Longshot, but could it have been the 90’s film adaptation of Streetcar?

Do you recall if it was a period piece? - The Perfect Husband, w/ Tim Roth.

The plot doesn’t match at all.

It was set in what was then the modern day.

It prob’ly wasn’t Tim Roth–just someone who was somewhat similar to him.
I had no idea who Tim Roth was at the time.
Afterward, I decided that it may have been Tr. But when I check his filmography, there’s nothing which seems close.
So, it’s likely someone else who bear at least some passing resemblance to Tim Roth

Can’t help, but as an aside maybe IMDB needs a “looks like” feature which when you enter say Tim Roth will list all the actors people say look like Tim Roth.

I’m not seeing anything that fits, but Jake Weber looks a lot like Tim Roth.

Yes, and a quick look at his late 90’s work shows a movie called Into My Heart that seems to have some sort of love triangle element.

Yeah, I saw that one.
But it’s got two guys and a woman and a love triangle.

The movie I remember there was no triangle as the gut split cleanly, iirc, from his wife before he started in with the surprise open marriage lady.

You didn’t mention it was a horror movie.

Got any other details to go on? What country or region is it set in? Any other unusual elements you recall? Genre?

It was set in the US.
The genre…idk…depressing chick flick?
It was all about romantic relationships. The ending was depressing as dude was now stuck with the new chick and seemed to start to be nostalgic for the unwashed grape eater.

The grapes comment was the part that I remember the most because I thought it was funny.

Sadly, my Google-fu has failed me. usually, if I can cobble together enough elements from a movie, I can use IMDB’s ‘plot keywords’ to find it, but there’s not a lot to go on here. And general internet searching netted me lots of Streetcar references, one Canadian stage production company, and a YouTube video of a 6 year old freaking out over an unwashed grape.

Don’t feel bad.

I have been looking off and on for several years.

My wife remembers the movie too, so I am confident it exists.
The events of the movie are just so commonplace that it seem nearly impossible to Google it.