I'd Bet This Would Make One Hell of a Cool Cat Toy

A pity its $350, though. Its Pleo, an animatronic dino. When the page loads, it automatically starts playing a noisy clip of the thing. My cat, Heket immediately did the “WTF is that???” alert when she heard it. She kept looking around for whatever it was making that noise. Given that Pleo moves around and walks and acts like a dinosaur from the movies (it even cuddles with others of its kind, apparently), I’d bet it’d be a real hoot to have one to freak the cats out with.

Oh, hell yes! I launched that clip, and just about launched Havoc. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her eyes that round. :smiley:
I know somebody’s Christmas present if we get lucky in Vegas next month!

Fuck the cat, I want one for myself. Soooo cool. I wonder if it’s AI is as as good as they claim.

I wonder how one makes it angry?

I wonder what happens if you get it wet or recharge it after midnight? :wink:

It looks like you can write personalities for it yourself. I’d love to find out what the limitations for programming are.

The webpage said holding it by the tail for too long makes it angry, and that prolonged abuse can change its personality :eek:

Well if it’s not heavy and agile enought to rear up on its legs and destroy things, I’m not interested.

I want a dangerous one that I can train as a guard dinosaur.

YouTube clip of Pleo meeting Hello the cat. The cat is most definately not a happy camper! :smiley:

These guys might be able to help you with that.

Here is one confused but adorable cat-Pleo video.

Pleo meets Aibo!

I had a transformer toy, one of the extra size ones, that turned into a dinosaur, and has batteries so it walked. Our cat did not like it one bit. He stayed as far away from it as possible. Generally I’ve found that cats are not fond of things that are electric or battery powered and make mechanical sounds.

Shit, whatever happened to the good ol’ days of duct-taping a laser pointer to their heads?

My corgis didn’t even look up. I guess it works only for cats.

Not all of them. I’m writing this with Betsy on my lap; she has no interest whatsoever.

Shoot, that’s still too much money and effort. I just wad up some paper.

Tweak was just settling in on my chest as I started the link…she got off of me, and sat and stared at the speakers, still purring. Ignored the screen, but stared intently at the speakers for a good long while.

The kitties don’t seem to react THAT much in the videos. They will get real still, maybe start to creep or stalk a bit, but after a minute or so they get bored and walk off. They know it’s not a living thing somehow.

My cats like to hang around on top of my monitors/around my speakers. I have a clip of a cat meowing for this occasion. Once they’re totally entranced, looking for the other cat, I crank the volume and hit em with the pit bull. snerk