I'd like the Weather Channel, please

Cut the cord a few years ago. TWC is the only thing I actually miss. If you try to stream it, they ask for your cable/satellite provider. Any way to watch on Smart TV or iPad?

Yes, go to YouTube and type in Weather Channel Live. You can also find a variety of news stations that broadcast live on YouTube

I think you can go to their website (weather.com) without needing to provide a cable or satellite provider. Will that work for you?

does anyone know who the “Jeff” is the folks chatting on youtube are talking about? never mind, I asked them: Jeff is a storm chaser that “everyone is obsessing about”

Got it! Thanks so much.

I would miss having the Weather Channel on TV except for TWC’s moronic habit of assigning pet names to storms, under the impression that pulls in viewers.

There’s a lot to be said for getting your weather info straight, from the National Weather Service. Forecasts, live radar, climate data etc.

Works for me.


TWC was great for weather insight. Back in the 90s & early 2000s. Now they’re mostly an entertainment / disaster porn channel. The BS to signal ration is so bad I can’t even honestly label them as “infotainment”. They’re just entertainment.

NWS all the way. All the info; none of the hype. And zero shark-jumping or advertising.


If you’re American you’re paying for it; you might as well use it. :slight_smile:

sometimes a bit of disaster porn is just what I’m looking for. :stuck_out_tongue:

How much would you pay me for a web-cam in my bedroom? :smiley:

You better be using the telephoto lens.

And a stunt double.

That would be quite cunning.

But if he did those things it’d be less of a disaster. Maybe we need a linguist to help us parse this out. :slight_smile:


Don’t tell me you’re one of those old fashioned guys who performs his own stunts?!

I’d like The Weather Channel, too. The old one back.

I loved it when they gave weather, more weather, and nothing but weather. I used to to plan my cross country trips, and then when I got to my hotel, the soothing sounds of Jim Cantore and the Weather Babes was a calming influence after the trip.

Plus, they had great commercials.

Now they show weather movies, and barely weather-related programming such as Highway Thru Hell. Now, I like heavy wreckers, but I WANT MY WEATHER BACK! I want to know the forecast, the current conditions. It doesn’t seem that they even show locals on the 8s anymore. You can probably get better weather from MTV.:wink: