Weather Channel- I don't give a shit about London

I just want to know if it’s going to rain here in Vermont today, so maybe I can paint my house. But all the Weather Channel is focused on is the fucking Olympics and the weather in England. It’s all Al Roker interviewing athletes and talking about the weather in London with his stupid fat face.

IS IT GOING TO RAIN IN VERMONT?! If I want to watch to Olympics bullshit there are 28 other channels focused on that. There is only ONE channel dedicated to the weather in the USA, or so I thought.

And what is the only other story the Weather Channel is covering? A tropical storm in fucking Jamaica.

When that channel is not having talking heads covering other countries, they are showing reality shows like “Ice Pilots of the Sahara”, or “Ass Diamond Storm Chasers in Amish Country”.

Fuck the Weather Channel. I tried to check the weather online, but our internet wasn’t working this morning to make things better. So fuck the internet as well.

If only there were some local TV channel where you could look up the local weather. Or, any number of a dozen web sites that can give you the same data.

Or a window you could look out. “Ayuh, it’s gonna rain, alright.”

Read the fucking OP. Internet isn’t working.

And for me, local channels only show weather forecasts during the news. If a news program isn’t on and the weather channel is being a bitch, I wouldn’t be able to find the weather on TV.

Y’know, this might sound crazy but there used to be a thing called “radio” with announcers who told what the weather was going to be for that day. One around here even broadcast traffic and weather reports every ten minutes, but I don’t know if they still do because I haven’t listened to it since this afternoon.

Phone your fucking neighbors.

Phone the fucking tv station.

Phone the fucking library.

Use your fucking head.

Use a fucking barometer. 'Nuff said.

Dude, you suck at the Weather Channel. It’s called “Local on the 8s.”


It’s been decades since I saw the Weather Channel on cable, but I seem to remember there was a crawl at the bottom with continuous local weather. So you had the best of both worlds. Not done like this anymore?

Doesn’t the Weather Channel still do “Local on the 8’s”?

I agree that there are too many Ice Storm Pilot Chasers type of shows, but it’s hardly the first cable channel that abandoned its original format. Lasted longer than most, in fact.

They do have “Local on the 8s,” but sometimes they don’t. In my experience, when they don’t show it coincides with when I’m trying to see it.

Basically, when they’re running one of their incredibly interesting :rolleyes: shows on weather, they don’t show the weather on the 8s. Then if you get FIOS, the weather channel only give regional weather, like for the entire Northeast. But they did add a local weather channel that shows the local weather non-stop, and a widget that gives it to you also. So I don’t care anymore. Get better cable.

How dare they not cater to me! Turn on the fucking radio. I bet there’s even a number you can call to get the local whether. This is not the rocket surgery.

If it’s wet, it’s raining. If it’s moving around, it’s windy. If it’s molten, it’s hot. If your finger sticks to it, it’s cold (or you’ve been eating candy…)

There’s a weather channel? Like, on TV?

There’s an app for that!

I’m totally with the OP. I don’t want to know what the weather is like at the Olympic Park in East London, heck that’s 13 miles away! I want to know what the weather is like HERE in West London. What’s more I don’t want to know what it’s going to be like at about 10am, I want to know what it will be like at 8:37 am when I venture out for my pain-au-chocolat.

What’s on earth is this “TV” thing?

Like a billion of them!

Shoot, even my house alarm, Wii and PS3 give me my weather. Maybe my fridge does too, but I haven’t noticed, I think I’d have a harder time not accidentally bumping into the local weather.

  • Siri, is it going to rain today?*

Siri: Why don’t you look out the window you vacuous bitch?