I'd like to change my user name.

Hi, I’d like to change my user name from ava to kimera. I reserved kimera so I know it is not taken.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but another member suggested that I post it here.


What do you mean you “reserved” it?

The quickest way to get a name change, as far as I know, is by sending an email to an admin.

I sent an email 5 days ago. Perhaps it got lost in cyberspace. >< I don’t know what the turn around time on such things are, but I was told it would be better to post here.

And I ‘reserved’ it by signing up for it, but not actually completing all the steps required to active the membership.

ava did you include ‘SDMB’ in the subject?
Include ‘SDMB’ in the subject.

They get a lot of e-mail.

In fact I think it would be a good idea if an admin posted a sticky with the title “Include ‘SDMB’ in the subject when e-mailing Moderators and Administrators”
But that would assume the policy is across the board. Is it? or is it just one Admin’s way?

Always better to email an Administrator. Not all administrators are equal. By that I mean they have different schedules, outside lives, problems with life, etc.

Who did you email? I would suggest Dex or Tuba. They live on the boards. But, even they have real lives, and sometimes things fall between the cracks.

She emailed **Tuba **and she did put SDMB in the title. This thread was my idea and she posted it after I suggested doing so since it seemed a better idea than inadvertently spamming her in-box.


I phrased it as a question on the basis that she might well have done so.

The minute I see Jenny on line, I’ll IM her. Sorry about that.

Well, see, here’s the problem. You “reserved” the name kimera by registering under that name.

That is a violation of our rules.

You need to send an email to TubaDiva at TubaDiva@aol.com to try to get this straightened out. You may NOT have two usernames.

Sorry, got a bit behind on email.

All should be fixed now.

your humble TubaDiva