I'd rather have a root canal than...

I’m having one tomorrow, so I can test these out. In theory, I’d rather have a root canal than:

  1. Sit through any production of “Cats”
  2. Get stranded at the Philadelphia Airport
  3. Write software documentation
  4. Watch an episode of “The View”
  5. Endure another election like this last one

So, make me feel better about my appointment tomorrow, what you rather have a root canal than do?

When you have the right dentist, a root canal is wonderful. It permanently ends the tooth pain, doesn’t hurt while it’s being done, and heals quickly.

if your root canal causes you a lot of pain, get a new dentist.

I don’t really mind the dentist. I’ve had root canals, wisdom teeth removed, filled cavities and crowns, the works.

What I really hate is the goddamn bite wing X-rays. I have a bad gag reflex.

Root canals aren’t really bad or painful at all. They are kind of boring though.

than… two root canals.

I’ve had four root canals and they weren’t any worse than getting a filling. Just took somewhat longer.

I’ve had one and it was boring and uncomfortable, but not painful. Plus I had a doctor’s note saying that I HAD to stay home and take drugs.

Does your dentist use gas? A root canal with gas is almost pleasant.

I had a root canal with local anesthetic. I didn’t mind it, the worst part was the smell. Its really not that bad.

I had to have a root canal on Monday. I told my boss, “I have a choice. I can attend the weekly staff meeting, or I can go have a root canal.”

So I went and had a root canal.

He does if you ask, but it’s another $100 tacked on to the original gazillion.

I’ve had a couple before, so I do know they aren’t nearly as bad as their reputation. Or an episode of The Factor. :slight_smile:

. . . Colonoscopy prep.

. . . prefrontal lobotomy.

BTW, ISTM that more and more dentists over the past 20(?) years or so DON’T use nitrous oxide anymore. One of them explained to me that some new regulations had greatly upped the amount of training and official certification or licensing or whatever required to administer gas, so most dentists decided the hell with it. Apparently there were occasional cases where laughing gas went very very wrong.

. . .than go to the grocery on “senior day”. And I’m a senior.

First time I had a root canal, the dentist took x-rays and didn’t like how they came out, so he had to redo the entire procedure. So I basically got two root canals for the price of one. Yay, me!

There was a time when my friend got a really big, thick, two-inch wood splinter jabbed under his big toenail. I’d rather have a root canal than that.

I don’t know - I’m sure your friend is a nice guy, but I might rather he get a splinter under his nail than me get a root canal. :dubious:

I’ve had a few root canals. They weren’t nearly as bad as my ruptured appendix. Or my open-heart surgery. Or my spinal stenosis. Or my diabetic neuropathy. Or my spinal tap. Or my week-long migraine. Or my sinus graft. Or my torn Achilles tendon.

The list goes on.

Been there, done that. Had two molars broken in a kickboxing accident, so I had to have root canals and crowns for both.

It really wasn’t so bad. Dentistry has come a long way since root canals were the gold standard for comparing to things you don’t want to do. Probably the worst of it was my jaw getting achy from keeping my mouth open the whole time. (Then I somehow managed to bite off the titanium post one of the crowns was on, and had to get an implant instead. That was a rather more involved process, but still not all that painful.)

So, I guess I’d rather have a root canal than any number of things that are actually painful. Like breaking my tailbone, say. Or reading a thread in Great Debates. :stuck_out_tongue:

no root canal at all. Nothing is worse than that!

Course if I could be knocked out COMPLETELY…I’ll take that anytime!

I’d rather have a root canal than … continue living with the pain of this bad tooth.

That’s what I said when I had one done. And it was the right decision.

Now that it’s all over and was no big deal, I can say …this!

I can also honestly say it was better than “Cats”.