ID Shawshank dance mix

I recently heard a “new” dance song with some of the music from Shawshank Redemption mixed in, but I’m having a hell of a time identifying it.

I tried googling and allmusic with no luck, so if anyone knows the name of the song and/or the artist, and would be willing to spread the word, I would appreciate it.


Carnal, are you sure it was the music from Shawshank? I do know of a dance mix using Thomas Newman’s theme for American Beauty, on a compilation CD called (I think) “Indian Summer”. Newman also composed the music for Shawshank Redemption. Is it possible you’re confusing the two?

Sorry for the double-post. Just verifying my earlier post… Track 18 on Disc Two of the Ministry of Sound: Indian Summer compilation is called “American Dream” and features Thomas Newman’s theme for American Beauty. You can just hear it at the end of the sample track CDNow provides (link above). My local indie-radio station, KEXP, was playing that quite a bit a few months ago.

Is that the right one?

Hmm, thanks for the tip Avalonian. It’s hard to tell with that brief bit, but I don’t think that’s it.

Although I’ve seen American Beauty, I’m very familiar with the music from Shawshank. The place I heard it was my local gym, so I may just ask them tonight…

I think it’s another group doing vocals and stuff with the Shawshank music mixed in. It’s kinda similar to the song you linked to, but just different enough to not be the one.